Hi, I’m Michael, the General Manager at the Sunset Inn & Suites, and welcome you to our family. My team has assembled this page and all the links here, to help you get to know Vancouver prior and during your stay. Any more information needed, feel free to call or email any of our team as we all look forward to welcoming you to Vancouver and our family at the Sunset Inn & Suites

Michael Wright

General Manager

As one of North America’s most scenic, clean and safe cities, surrounded by the Pacific Ocean and mountains, Vancouver is a fabulous vacation destination. Our cosmopolitan, international city on Canada’s West Coast has a relaxed, casual and friendly atmosphere with lots of outdoor activities and breath-taking natural settings. And with a number of things to do in Vancouver, your stay at Sunset inn is sure to be a busy one.

Our terrific location in downtown Vancouver’s scenic West End residential neighborhood places you within easy walking distance of many of Vancouver attractions and sights including Stanley Park, the seawall, the beaches at English Bay, Granville Island, Robson Street and much more.

Our suites have everything you need to make yourself at home while you explore all that Vancouver has to offer. When you stay at Sunset Inn & Suites, you will have plenty of places to visit and choices for where to spend your time.

Place yourself in our hands. We will be delighted to help you plan your vacation in Vancouver. Find our favorite things to do in Vancouver below.

Quick Leisure Guide

Our quick Vancouver Leisure Guide provides a number of activities off the beaten path. 

Read our Vancouver leisure guide.

Top 10 Vancouver Attractions

Need a list of the absolute must-see attractions in Vancouver? Our Top 10 List details the perfect Vancouver vacation with these British Columbia standards.

Read our picks for the top 10 Vancouver attractions.


Vancouver’s performing arts scene one of the most vibrant in the country. Our theaters and performance centers bring culture through regular orchestral performance, operatic productions, and more.

Learn about the entertainment in the surrounding area.


From high-end fashion houses to charming local boutiques, Vancouver is the perfect city to shop until you drop.

Learn about the best shopping in Vancouver.


Discover a delectable array of restaurants embodying the cultural diversity of our city.

Find the best off-site restaurants in Vancouver.

Vancouver Nightlife Guide

Experience Vancouver’s exciting nightlife scene through the many bars and nightclubs in the area.

Read on the best in Vancouver nightlife.

Calendar of Events

With so much to do and see in Vancouver, there a number of events around town to enjoy during your stay at Sunset Inn & Suites.

Learn about the latest happenings and events.

Within Walking Distance

Looking to stay near the hotel? There are a variety of Vancouver activities and attractions within walking distance, ensuring that you can find fun mere minutes from your door.

Find our favorite activities within walking distance.