medical mask and hand sanitizer

COVID-19 Response

Dear Valued Guest,

While B.C. and Canada continue to be safe travel destinations and with Canada slowly opening, COVID-19 is still top of mind for us, just as it is for our guests and staff members.

We have taken great pride in maintaining the highest standards of cleanliness and hygiene at the Sunset Inn & Suites since the start of COVID-19, and now with many of the restrictions that have been in place are being relaxed, rest assured, our staff is still doing extra measures throughout the day to clean and disinfect guest rooms and public areas at the hotel.

Ensuring Guest Health and Safety, here is a list of items that are still in place and do not see changing for the foreseeable future

Hotel policy is (even if vaccinated), you must ALWAYS wear a mask INSIDE the hotel

From the time they enter the building and get into your suite and same upon exiting your suite and leaving the building.

The continuing of the mask-wearing inside of the Sunset Inn & Suites is for the safety of ALL our guests, as we have some guests who are here for medical and cannot get vaccinated or being a family-friendly hotel, we have many young children who are not vaccinated yet, and we need to keep all our guests safe.

This policy will be strictly maintained until further notice.

Our goal from the start of Covid-19 has been to offer our guests the safest and healthiest environment to check into and call home, with your kind attention to our policies these have been successful here at Sunset Inn and Suites.

  • Here at Sunset Inn and Suites our policy is still mandatory wearing of masks due to type of guests we have.

100% of all the staff working at the Sunset Inn & Suites have been fully vaccinated and will still be wearing masks while inside the hotel for the safety of all guests

  • Hand Sanitizer units at the front door, parking area, front desk, and elevators in lobby to use
  • Front Desk still have Plexiglass barriers and the front desk sanitized for check in
  • Both elevators have signage stating that only people within your group allowed in elevator at a time and recommend this still
  • Housekeeping is cleaning and disinfecting all areas of your suite prior to your arrival, using cleaning supplies and in-house training from Ecolab, an international leader in hygiene.
  • Added form of safety, once room is fully cleaned and sanitized, full room is again sprayed with Ecolab sink & surface cleaner sanitizer which is also a food contact surface cleaner sanitizer concentrate with a 15-second SARS-CoV-2 kill claim and a 30-second Norovirus kill claim.  A 2021 Edison Award winner for COVID-19 innovation. . Sink & Surface Cleaner Sanitizer offers benefits to help manage public health and food safety risks. This simplified food-contact sanitizer cleans and sanitizes hard, non-porous surfaces with a single product, and is human consumption safe so less toxic than previous items used early in covid-19

Breakfast is still included. And got better since when it was a Breakfast Buffet

  • We no longer offer breakfast buffet option and no plans to bring back as better option now
  • Now setup with Complimentary Deluxe Continental Breakfast with Menu, that is given to our breakfast attendant each morning, to make your breakfast for you to enjoy. They also ensure all health and safety protocols are followed. Including the wearing of mask and gloves while putting together of the breakfast
    • Breakfast is available using our breakfast ordering form. between 8am until 11am.  Bring the completed form to our breakfast attendant, who will make the breakfast you have requested, and presented to you contactless on a covered meal tray for you to take back to your room to enjoy in comfort of your own suite or can pre-order a Bag2Go setup in takeout containers and paper bag if leaving before 8am

Michael Wright

General Manager,

Sunset Inn & Suites