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COVID-19 Response

Dear Valued Guest,

While B.C. and Canada continue to be safe travel destinations, COVID-19 is top of mind for us, just as it is for our guests and staff members.

We take great pride in maintaining the highest standards of cleanliness and hygiene at the Sunset Inn & Suites. In response to the coronavirus, our staff are taking extra measures throughout the day to clean and disinfect guest rooms and public areas at the hotel. We have also taken additional steps in keeping with guidelines from global and local public health authorities.

Ensuring Guest Health and Safety

  • Signage and floor decals within lobby and elevators for proper social distancing in small lobby
  • Hand Sanitizer units at the front door, parking area, front desk, and elevators in lobby to use
  • Front Desk has Plexiglass barriers and the front desk sanitized for check in
  • Both elevators have signage stating that only people within your group allowed in elevator at a time
  • We have suspended housekeeping services during guest stays, to ensure that you are the only person who enters your suite while you’re with us. Of course, at your request, we’re happy to change linens or we can do door service or come to front desk for extra towels, coffee filters, and other items as needed during your stay
  • Housekeeping is cleaning and disinfecting all areas of your suite prior to your arrival, using cleaning supplies and in-house training from Ecolab, an international leader in hygiene. And once you check in, you will be only persons in room until check out
  • Upon check out, all items linens will be put in laundry bags, dishes and all room will be sanitized as per Ecolab procedures and levels set by Provincial Health Officer – Dr Bonnie Henry
  • We have a box at the front desk for you to deposit room keys at check out, which are sanitized each night for next day’s use
  • And for contact tracing, guests must produce picture id with contact information for all guests checking into each room with names and contact of all registered within the suite
    • If will not provide this information, will not be allowed to check in to ensure safety for all other guests in-house
  • All guests visiting rooms will be stopped prior to going up to visit guests and must also produce picture id upon going up to visit and give contact information, with a maximum of 6 people total allowed within each suite including guests and visitors
    • Violation of this rule, all visitors within the suite including registered guests will be removed by Vancouver Police and fined per quarantine act

As an all-suite hotel, our accommodations provide you the space you need to unwind, with a full kitchen to cook your meals, and numerous grocery stores nearby that offer delivery service. Also, just around the corner are plenty of takeout restaurants where you can pick up food orders or arrange to have these delivered to your suite. All our suites have a private balcony, giving you a chance to get some fresh air.

What we’re doing more often:

  • Our staff receive regular briefings on the latest protocols and trained for cleaning and safety.
  • Increased the frequency of cleaning all public areas, using safe, hospital-grade disinfectants.
  • Cleaning and disinfecting all areas in the lobby throughout the day, including front desk countertops, pens and credit card machines.
  • Public touchpoints including handrails, elevator buttons and door handles are cleaned and disinfected continuously.
  • Staff members who feel unwell or have symptoms of illness are staying home.
  • All staff receive Personal Protective Equipment to ensure safety from hotel

Breakfast still included with Health & Safety Protocols:

  • We no longer offer breakfast buffet option
  • Provided now by our breakfast attendant, who ensures all health and safety protocols are followed. Including the wearing of mask and gloves while putting together of the breakfast
    • Breakfast is available using our breakfast order form. Bring a completed form to our breakfast attendant, who will get the breakfast you have requested, for you to take back to your room as per takeout food protocols and containers during breakfast hours or can pre-order a Bag2Go setup in takeout containers and paper bag.

Quarantine Rooms Rules

As we are full all-suite  hotel with full kitchens, dining area and private balcony, we are do allow quarantine rooms for booking of a minimum of 14 day stays or more only

  • If reservation is for a quarantine room, you will be required to stay within your suites for 14 days and not leave room unless approved by the front desk and government
  • Upon check in, the hotel staff will ensure all areas traveled to room will be sanitized right after entering room
  • Will also be given a quarantine rules letter from front desk agent as to our policies for a quarantine room
  • Door service of all items and deliveries, will be done by calling room to pick up outside door once delivered only
  • Failure to follow these rules will be an immediate removal by Vancouver Police per quarantine act

Our Cancellation Policy:

We know that our guests might need extra flexibility as they make travel plans at this time. We have revised our reservation policy, to allow you to make travel plans with greater comfort and ease

  • At this time, we have shortened our cancelation policy to 24 hours prior to arrival at no charge.
    • Showing up with any symptoms thought to be from covid-19 for less than a 14-day quarantine, will not be allowed to check in

Guests who have booked their stay with online travel agents or other third-party travel professionals should contact their booking provider for information on their policies.

From the Sunset Inn & Suites Management

We are a small intimate 50 room all-suite hotel, with all our staff been working at the hotel for a long time, they take pride in ensuring everyone feels safe, as we treat all our guests as part of our family. We want to ensure everyone has a safe stay while staying at the Sunset Inn & Suites. There are no areas within the hotel to have large gatherings and less places to keep clean while going to guest rooms than larger hotels

At the start of the Covid-19 shutdown, we were glad to help with rooms for First Responders, (including many St Paul’s Hospital Staff), quarantine rooms, and our long-term winter guests who could not get home when travel shut down occurred.  After the full shutdown of Province in spring of 2020 ended, all the First Responders were no longer needing a save place away from family so all checked out.

The safety and security of our guests and team members will always be our highest priority, as we are one big family. We are committed to doing everything we can to ensure your safety as the situation around COVID-19 evolves, and want to strive to ensure your health and safety while staying with us

We are grateful for your business and loyalty. We will do everything we can to help you make the most of your visit to Vancouver and your stay with us.  Please call upon me personally or any member of our staff at any time if we can be of service.

I look forward to welcoming you to the Sunset Inn & Suites

Michael Wright

General Manager,

Sunset Inn & Suites