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Why You Should Spend This Winter in Vancouver

Since the onset of COVID-19, traveling isn’t what it used to be. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t have an enjoyable trip right here in Canada. Winter in Vancouver is magical, and taking a vacation in the city is totally worth it.

If you’re yearning for a getaway, check out the information below to learn about the cool things to do in Vancouver in winter.

Why Should You Vacation in Vancouver During Cold Months?

Unlike other Canadian cities, Vancouver has a mild winter with little snow. The primary reason is because the cold air that comes in from the Arctic is unable to reach Vancouver due to the Rocky Mountains blocking it.

Not only that, but the city is located on the Pacific ocean shore, which also allows it to be a bit warmer. This vacation spot is great for visitors who stay in other Canadian towns and want to get an escape from the icy cold. Vancouver’s favorable weather makes outdoor activities more tolerable and family outings more enjoyable.

With that said, take a look at these suggestions for winter festivities in Vancouver: 

1. Go Skating at Robson Square Ice Rink

Ice skating makes an incredible family activity. It’s a fantastic way to enjoy the holidays while also getting in some bonding time.

The Robson Square ice rink opens on December 1st and ends in February. It’s free to skate if you bring your own, but if you rent them they’re $5 a pair, cash only.

2. Go Skiing

Nothing says winter vacation like a ski trip to the mountains. Vancouver has the popular mountains of Grouse, Cypress, and Seymour for you to explore. Plus, they’re only about a 30-minute drive outside of the city.

This is the perfect getaway for a girl’s trip, couples, or family. Mountains are open for skiing activities from December to April, depending on weather conditions.

3. Enjoy the Peak of Christmas

Not only are the Grouse mountains ideal for people who like to ski, but they also have an incredible Christmas exhibit. The Peak of Christmas allows visitors to walk through Santa’s workshop and see his reindeer. There is also a sleigh ride that you and your family can take through the forest. If you really want to make the moment memorable, you can have your picture taken with Santa.

There’s something for everyone to do, including watching a Christmas movie at the Theater In The Sky or enjoying Christmas carols from one of Vancouver’s choirs.

4. Go Shopping

If you’re going to visit Vancouver around the holidays, you have to get presents, right? Well, one of the best places to shop is the Pacific Centre Mall. It is one of the largest malls in the downtown area and has over 100 stores. 

Even better, it’s only a brief walk from Sunset Inn and Suites. While you’re shopping, don’t forget to pick up souvenirs for family and friends.

5. Go to the Winter Solstice Lantern Festival

Winter in Vancouver is full of whimsical experiences. The Winter Solstice Lantern Festival is an event that brings everyone together. It celebrates the longest night of the year by illuminating the sky with lanterns and fire.

There’s also music, dancing, and singing involved. Plus, admission is free.

6. Explore Vancouver’s Winter Wonderland

A winter vacation in Canada isn’t complete without going to Vancouver’s Winter Wonderland. The event begins on December 11th and ends on the 20th. It’s one of Vancouver’s most popular Christmas events.

The exhibit includes fun activities, a massive snow globe, and a gigantic Christmas tree. Not to mention, there’s lots of tasty food and gifts. It’s an enjoyable time for kids of all ages. 

7. Flying Over Canada

Prepare to be wowed with this incredible flying experience. The attraction propels guests into the air with their feet dangling over a 20-meter spherical screen. The ride whisks visitors across Canada to view some of its most beautiful regions.

It’s an incredible adventure! During the holidays, the experience is adjusted to include an unforgettable visit to the North Pole.

8. Visit the Museum of Vancouver

While you’re spending winter in Vancouver, it’s a good idea to get acquainted with the city. The museum delves into the history of the town, and it’s future. This activity is a great way to add a bit of education to your trip.

9. Take a Vancouver Brewery Tour

If you want to get out and have some adult fun, taking a brewery tour is the way to go. This activity takes guests around to sample some of the most incredible, handcrafted beers in the city. The objective of the tour is to give local breweries support and exposure.

10. Go See the Nutcracker

Nothing says Christmas like The Nutcracker. Goh Ballet puts on an incredible show and brings the classic masterpiece to life.

This is an amazing outing for the entire family. The stage is full of jaw-dropping displays and magical lights. It’s a must-see!

11. The Polar Bear Swim

Do you want to have an adventurous winter in Vancouver? If so, the Polar Bear Swim is the answer. Starting January 1st, tons of people jump into the freezing waters of the English Bay as part of the annual Polar Bear Swim tradition.

The event only takes place on New year’s Day. So if you’re in the city during that time, it’s an amazing activity. Plus, it’s free!

12. New Year’s Eve Gala

Speaking of New year’s, this gala is one of the biggest events in the city. It’s held at the Harbor Event Centre in Vancouver. Activities include a gigantic balloon drop, indoor fireworks, confetti, and more.

13. Celebrate Chinese New Year

If you visit Vancouver in February, the Chinese New Year festivities will keep you and your family entertained. The events are free and include an elaborate parade for all to see. Go and join the fun!

14. Enjoy the Vancouver Hot Chocolate Festival

Did someone say chocolate? This festival combines the sweet taste of chocolate with the comfort of a warm beverage. While you’re out enjoying winter in Vancouver, you’ll need something to warm you up.

Luckily, the festival takes visitors to various chocolate makers throughout the city, which provides a variety of delicious tastes.

15. Indulge in the Vancouver International Wine Festival

This wine festival is a great outing for lovebirds and anyone who’s old enough to drink. The event caters towards wine lovers in a premier gathering that can’t be missed.

Not only that, but the festival attracts winemakers from all over the world. Have your taste buds ready because this event will be an explosion of incredible wine.

16. Karaoke Christmas Lights

 Take a trolley tour through the city for a whimsical night. This karaoke event includes a three-hour journey on a gorgeous trolley that’s beautifully decorated. What’s unique about this tour is that it’s equipped with karaoke machines so everyone can join in the Christmas spirit and sing their hearts out.

17. Hang Out at Hard Rock Casino in Vancouver

Who says that winter activities have to be boring? If you are ready to let your hair down, the Hard Rock Casino Vancouver is the place to be. It contains several entertainment venues, restaurants, and more. If you enjoy comedy and music, grab your family and friends for a fun night out.

18. Survive an Escape Room

If you want to add a little mystery to your winter vacation in Canada, attending an escape room is a good option. You and your loved ones can put your heads together to try and solve a mysterious clue and use your wits to break out of an escape room. This activity is a fantastic way to stay warm indoors while doing something exciting.

19. Enjoy a Game Night

Believe it or not, you can actually go out on the town to play games. There are several spots in Vancouver that actually have a selection of board games for visitors to enjoy. Check out the Rumpus Room, Six Acres, or StormCrow Tavern.

Going out to play a game helps to break up the monotony of staying indoors, and it’s also in a good way to meet new friends.

Winter in Vancouver: Vacation Fun in Canada

Did the list of activities above make you excited to spend winter in Vancouver? There is so much to see and do in the city, you won’t regret taking the trip. While you’re in town, book a room at Sunset Inn and Suites. We offer low rates and incredible amenities.

If you have any questions, call our main desk at 604-688-2474 or contact us online.

We look forward to making your stay in Vancouver comfortable and enjoyable.