Where to Hike in Vancouver

Are you coming to Canada soon and don’t know where to hike in Vancouver? There is no shortage of places to hike in the beautiful city of Vancouver. If you’ve just moved to town, are visiting, or are just starting to get more active, we’ve put together a list of places for hiking in Vancouver.

Hiking in Vancouver – Stanley Park

We’ve spent some time talking about Stanley Park in previous blogs, as it is one of Vancouver’s most beloved and beautiful attractions for tourists. Stanley Park is located downtown and full of hiking, walking, and biking trails while offering stunning views.

To go on the main hike that loops around the entire park, start from the central area of the park near the Rose Garden. This route will take about 2 hours, has minimal elevation gain, and is very easy. From the gardens, head to the South Creek trail, then head towards Beaver Lake. You can choose to do a full loop of the park, or venture off to explore the various areas with artwork, artifacts, and attractions. The hikes at Stanley Park are great for beginners and families or just if you want an easy way to take in the views of Vancouver while getting a bit of exercise!

Hiking in Vancouver – Capilano Canyon

Another great option for an easy hike is Capilano Canyon, which offers stunning view of the Cleveland Dam, Capilano River and the Lions. This hike takes about an hour and has an elevation gain of about 100 meters. What’s great about this hike is that you’ll end at the Salmon Hatchery, a free attraction that is open to the public each day. 

Check out this video of the hike if you want to get a sneak peak before hiking it yourself!

While you are there, you’ll want to plan to spend some time at Capilano Suspension Bridge Park, one of Vancouver’s main attractions! The park includes a suspension bridge that towers over the trees, a Treetops Adventure, and a Cliffwalk of cantilevered bridges, stairs, and platforms.

Hiking in Northeast Vancouver – Deep Cove

A bit off the “path” (see what I did there?) is Deep Cove, a neighborhood in Northeast Vancouver. While you’ll most likely have to catch an Uber or taxi to drive the 20ish minutes to get there from downtown, once you arrive you won’t be disappointed. There you can choose from two hiking options – either the Quarry Rock trail or the Baden Powell Trail Head. While there, the area also has cute boutiques for shopping and a beach that offers rentals for kayaks and paddleboards.

Quarry Rock Hike

Quarry Rock Hiking Trail is the easier of the two hikes in Deep Cove. It begins in Deep Cove, passes through a forest of beautiful fir trees, and ends with stunning views of the bay from a lookout above. It takes about an hour and a half to two hours to complete and you’ll hike up to an elevation of about 100 meters along the way. Note: make sure to check online before heading out to hike Quarry Rock, as earlier this year the hike was shut down.

Baden Powell Trail

The Baden Powell Trail begins along Panoroma drive and offers two main routes – one ending in Lynn Canyon and the other to Grouse Mountain. Both of these intermediate routes can e finished in 5 hours, but most people finish within 6-7 hours by taking breaks and breaking it up into sections. You’ll also see beautiful fir trees, small creaks, and breathtaking views along the way. Note that both of these routes take you to different starting and end points, so plan your transport accordingly!

Hiking in West Vancouver

Lighthouse Park

Lighthouse Park in West Vancouver takes about 20ish minutes to get to from downtown, but is well worth the views. Another easy hike, this trail roundtrip is about 6 km and should take about 2 hours to complete. While there are various trails that will get you to the famous lighthouse for which the hike gets its name, just check out the park map at the start of the trail to plan your route.

Lions Bay

Lions Bay offers a number of different hikes for different skill levels, each boasting amazing views. The Lions (or Twin Sisters) hike is a challenging hike but is considered one of the best in the area. It has a 1,500 meter elevation gain and is a total of about 15 km, but it offers a spectacular view of the Howe Sound.

Another trail is the Howe Sound Crest Trail. It’s challenging as well – over 30 km in length and has many steep climbs and rough terrains. 

Lynn Headwaters Regional Park

Lynn Headwaters Regional Park also has a variety of trails with hikes that range from a few hours to all day. The Lynn Loop is relatively easy, a 5 km hike that takes about 1.5 hours to complete and only has an elevation gain of about 160 meters. This hike loops you along Lynn Creek – look for signs for the Lynn Loop Trail! Note: it’s recommended that you use public transportation to get to this park, as many people commented that finding parking at the park was difficult.

Does Vancouver Have Good Hiking?

Hopefully this list provided you with some good ideas for your next hike in Vancouver. Looking for more hiking trails? This website is a great resource, as it gives you information about all the hikes in Vancouver broken up by area. Enjoy your time outside!