Vancouver Street Scene

What to Do Over 30 Days in Vancouver

Vancouver a diverse city offering numerous options for entertainment and fun for all ages. During an extended stay at the Sunset Inn, there is plenty to keep you busy as enjoy a longer stay in this Canadian destination. 

Vancouver is perfect for extended stay vacations!

Opt for Outdoor Adventures

At its core, Vancouver is a city that prides itself on a close relationship with nature. Getting outdoors is the name of the game with most activities for locals and tourists alike. There are enough options to cater to any outdoor interest, from hiking and skiing, to whale watching and kayaking. 

Stanley Park

Stanley Park remains one of the core attractions found here. Want to explore on two wheels? Rent a bike on Denman Street and take off exploring. Check out the rose garden or engage in a little dolphin watching by the infamous seawall. This city park is expansive and offers enough activities to fill multiple days of fun. 

Sea-to-Sky Corridor

If a nice, relaxing drive is what you’re after, then the Sea-to-Sky Corridor delivers in spades. Spanning about an hour and a half, this drive starts downtown and goes all the way to the ski-capped mountains in the small town of Whistler. The scenic views along the way are unparalleled and include stunning waterfalls and even a suspension bridge. 

Grouse Grind

If it’s a good hike that you’re after, the Grouse Grind is the ideal spot to really blend in with the locals. An 850m hike through the alpine forest on Grouse Mountain, the views from the top make the trek totally worth it. There’s also a gondola to bring you back down the mountain once you’re done congratulating yourself on persevering through such a challenging hike. 

Deep Cove

From the mountains to the sea, one of the best parts about traversing the great outdoors in Vancouver is the diverse range of options. One day, you might be zipping down Grouse Mountain on skis, the next kayaking through the cold waters of Deep Cove. This is one of the most popular outdoor activities in Vancouver, in part because of the opportunity to see an array of wildlife throughout your trip. 

Capilano Suspension Bridge

The city actually has two suspension bridges, but the one along Capilano Road is definitely worth a gander. The bridge is situated over a very deep canyon with forest trails winding around it for a most picturesque setting. Nearby, there is a TreeTops Adventure activity and the suspended Cliffwalk platform. 

Whale Watching

Whale watching is one of the most worthwhile outdoor activities in Vancouver simply because of the excitement of seeing these majestic sea creatures in their natural habitats. The Salish Sea is situated off the Vancouver coast and offers ample opportunities to spot orcas, humpback and gray whales traversing these waters. Whale watching season spans March through October and can be done via plane, ferry and tour boat. 

Take in the Culture

When it comes to culture, there is plenty of experience in Vancouver. One of the most diverse cities in Canada, the culture is a major draw for many visitors. 

Museum of Anthropology

The Museum of Anthropology is situated on the University of British Columbia campus and offers sweeping views outside as well as stunning artifacts within. Collections within the museum include original Aboriginal works, contemporary art and more. 

Museum of Vancouver

The Museum of Vancouver tells the story of Vancouver from its earliest beginnings to where the city hopes to be in the future. It is full of interactive exhibits, artifacts and art to tell the story of the city. There are few cultural sites in the city better equipped to represent all that Vancouver is, has been and will be than the Museum of Vancouver. It is a cultural site well worth exploring during an extended stay in the area. 


If you want to experience a unique part of Vancouver, Gastown is the place to go. It is one of the oldest areas of the city. Many of the restaurants, art galleries and boutiques found here are situated in Victorian buildings that have been restored to their original glory. The historic architecture alone makes this interesting community worth a visit. 

Get on Island Time

It might seem strange to be talking about island time so far north, but Vancouver does have an island ripe for exploration. Granville Island was once an industrial hub that has since been transformed by communities of artists and shop owners into something unique.

It is now home to eclectic houseboats as well as art galleries, eateries and theaters. This is also where the Granville Island Public Market can be found with its fresh produce and other interesting specialty crafts and gifts. 

Eat Your Way Around the City

Vancouver is a virtual paradise for foodies, in part because of its ethnic diversity. Almost any kind of cuisine can be found here, which is an attraction in itself. An extended stay at the Sunset Inn means a chance to try some of the many culinary delights offered here. 

If you really want to tickle your taste buds, venture out to Chinatown. It is one of the oldest Chinatown districts in Canada and there isn’t a better place to get authentic Dim Sum. One of the best parts about heading to Chinatown is that the culture extends well beyond the food. You’ll have a fantastic time wandering in and out of many shops found here. 

An extended stay in Vancouver means plenty of opportunity for adventure, no matter where your interests lie. And while you can find many things to do in your wheelhouse, this is also a chance to get out of your comfort zone and try something new in this vibrant Canadian city.