Why You Want a Kitchen While Traveling

Many people think traveling means eating out for every single meal, but that doesn’t have to be the case! Sure, exploring the local food scene and experiencing the city is a key part of enjoying the trip, however, you don’t need to center your trip around dining out at every meal. You may be wondering, “Why should I cook inside a hotel room!?”. That answer is actually easier and more practical than you may think! All you need is some cool travel plans, the family, and a hotel suite with a kitchen! 

Hotel rooms with kitchens are better.

Get More Time to Explore

Yes, that precious thing that we all wish we had more of, especially when on vacation! Let’s be honest, waiting in line for a restaurant table isn’t necessarily what you had in mind for that romantic vacation. First, you wait followed by ordering your food, and some more waiting, before finally getting served your meal. Oh! What if you get lost because your GPS is “rerouting” on the way to dinner? Cooking in an on-suite kitchen gives you some time back to enjoy sightseeing, shopping, or just being with your travel companions. 

Allocate More Budget to Activities

Eating out while traveling can take a big chunk out of that travel budget you’ve been saving up for. A budget you could use for new experiences, souvenirs or that extra day spent on vacation. The Average person spend about $1,200 on vacation per year, add in a few family members and that number gets large pretty quickly! A family of four can expect to spend around $132 dollars per day just on food alone, however, by preparing in hotel-suite meals, that cost can be cut down to just $24 dollars a day! 

Adhere to Dietary Needs

I don’t just mean saving calories to trim up the waistline, although that is possible when preparing meals in the hotel. I’m talking about the unfortunate situation of having a food allergy. When eating out now, yes, it is much easier to find gluten-free, meat-free, and dairy-free options, but those usually come with a higher price tag and no guarantee of the meal not being cross-contaminated with the allergen. Diet is definitely on this list as well. You know how hard it can be to travel and minimize those inches piling up without you even realizing it! Preparing an in-suite meal, just one time a day, can allow you to drastically decrease those calorie counts and rest east about any dietary restrictions. 

It’s Very Convenient

I bet you’re thinking that convenience, health-conscious and budget can’t be achieved while traveling. I have some great news for you, it can! Booking a hotel room with an on-suite kitchen can give you all three of those things and reduce your total money and time saved on the vacation! If you’re traveling with kids, you know how important convenience can be, especially when it comes to snacks and drinks throughout the day. Having a kitchen in your hotel room allows you to prep some snacks and drinks to keep yourself and the kiddos happy all day! 

Remember, not all meals have to be prepared in the hotel room to reap the benefits of cooking your own meals! Next time you’re booking lodging for that big family vacation, remember to look for a hotel that has suites with a kitchen, like Sunset Inn and Suites. Even just whipping up on meal or a day’s worth of snacks can go a long way with saving your money and time!