Cruise ship season is in full swing and many of the cruisers are likely to spend a couple or so days in Vancouver, and if you are just a regular visitor read this blog as well as we can guide to see the very best sights in downtown Vancouver and beyond!

We want to help you maximize your visit, we find that typically many of the visitors are only seeing Vancouver for a few days or so, so we figure we can help guide you with an itinerary that will make sure you see the very best this city has to offer on a day by day basis.

We understand that the ships do dock very early in the morning and this means that it is highly unlikely the room will be ready at the time of arrival,  so what we can do for you is store your luggage safely and then we can help you with advice on sightseeing around the city.  Once you have enjoyed the sights you can return to the hotel later in the day and we can then get you checked in.

Boarding the ship advice!

Baggage can be checked upon arrival at the cruise terminal, starting between 10:00 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. and taken directly to your cabin ready for boarding later in the day.  So you can do any of the following before you board your cruise ship without having to worry about dragging your luggage around. We can also store luggage at the hotel for as long as you need too!

Further information for Cruise ship passengers:

Big Bus is an excellent way of utilizing your time while you are waiting on the room or boarding the ship. You can purchase your tickets at the Front Desk and better still, the stop is just a few minutes walk away from the hotel where you can board the bus.
A full circle tour last for 2 and a half hours. You can purchase a 1 day or 2 day tour with us directly at the hotel, the tour includes the major attractions such as Granville Island, Gastown, Chinatown and Canada Place. We really like these guys, they are fun, informative and will help you have a memorable visit to Vancouver.

Highlights include:
Granville Island
Stanley Park
Robson St – Shopping District

All of these areas mentioned are must see places to check out – so hop off and enjoy!

Before you do embark on some of our sightseeing suggestions we recommend not booking your tickets ahead of time as we have coupons behind the front desk that will give you a discount on some areas we are recommending – please ask any of the staff at the front desk for advice.

Granville Island

Granville island which is home to the great Granville Island Public Market is a must see area in the city, it is our own version of Seattle’s Pike Place market There are some amazing boutique shops to browse, the wonderful Granville Island Market is open daily from 9am till 7pm seven days a week. There are also some really excellent restaurants to choose from too, our top pick is to visit The Sandbar Restaurant, this really showcases the very best Vancouver style dishes, with plenty of Pacific Northwest cuisine, Seafood and an Asian infusion twist that includes great Sushi. This is the flavor of Vancouver!

Granville Island Website:

Sandbar Restaurant:



The world famous Capilano Suspension Bridge is by far one of the most popular attractions in Vancouver after Granville Island and Stanley Park, here you will get to experience one of the worlds longest suspended bridge high above the Capilano river and canyon, there is also a daring cliff walk and glass paths for those brave enough to try and try it you should as you may surprise yourself at how brave you are– it is a stunning sight to be so high among the trees in this amazing rainforest canopy and you can easily immerse yourself here for a good few hours – do not forget the camera!

Capilano Suspension Bridge Website:

Grouse Mountain overlooks Vancouver and can be easily spotted as the middle of the three North Shore mountains that overlook the city, it is nestled in between Cypress Mountain to the West and Mount Seymour to the east. Grouse is excellent for the summer season as it has great hiking trails,  with the famous Grouse Grind if you are up for a steep walking challenge, there is also entertainment at the top for all the family to enjoy, this includes a lumberjack show which is funny, there is also a Bird Sanctuary and a Grizzly Bear enclosure all topped off with breathtaking views of the city and the Georgia Strait.

Grouse Mountain – The Peak of Vancouver


Stanley Park is a gorgeous wooded forest and Park that completely dominates the centre of Vancouver. At 400 Hectares it is bigger than New Yorks Central park and is home to a vast array of incredible Gardens, Sporting facilities an outdoor pool, playparks for children and the natural Fauna and Flora that make the park come alive.
In the Summer time it is a great place to take your family to explore the dense forest and you can also check out the many beaches that can be found following the Seawall that encircles the outside perimeter.

Stanley Park is also home to the Vancouver Aquarium which shows you the very best of the sea life that inhabits the waters off the Pacific Northwest, you can also spend a good few hours here with every one being wowed and entertained by this vast array of weird and wonderful underwater life.

Vancouver Aquarium

Bike Rentals

The Seawall itself is a great way to explore the majority of the city and along the way you will be able to come across some notable features of the city such as Granville Island, Science World, the Totem Poles of Stanley Park, the Inukshuk and the Vancouvers most popular beaches such as English Bay. The best way to explore the full 22km wall is by bike rentals. We really like the guys and girls at this shop, they have a vast array of amazing bikes that suites young and old and they are very good at repairing bikes and advice!  Check them out.

English Bay Bike Rentals: