Hotel vs Airbnb

Vancouver Vacation: Hotel Suite vs Airbnb Rental

Vancouver is a popular vacation destination. Boasting attractions like Stanley Park, Granville Island, Gastown, English Bay and Canada Place, as well as a plethora of museums, landmarks, parks and art galleries, Vancouver has something to suit all tastes. Whether you’re seeking a vibrant night scene, delectable cuisine, terrific shopping or fascinating cultural hotspots, Vancouver offers it all.

When planning a Vancouver getaway, booking great accommodation will be a high priority. Whether you’re visiting Vancouver for business or for pleasure, and whether you’re looking for long-stay accommodation or somewhere to sleep for a weekend, you’ll almost certainly want somewhere that combines comfort and convenience. This article should help to make your decision a little easier.

Airbnbs vs Hotel Rooms

Many visitors struggle to weigh up the pros and cons when comparing hotels and Airbnb rentals. After all, each typically offers something that the other doesn’t.

Group Size and Space Considerations

For many traveling families and groups of friends, a standard hotel room isn’t suitable for their needs. While a couple with one child may be able to get a crib or extra bed put in the room, larger groups often need to book several rooms. Adjoining hotel rooms can be an option for some groups, but the lack of communal space can mean that many groups prefer the extra space an Airbnb can offer.

When compared to hotel rooms, Airbnbs are generally available in different sizes, with multiple bedrooms and shared areas such as living and dining rooms. Some may also have gardens where people can relax outdoors.

Duration of Stay

Short-term guests often prefer the convenience and accessibility offered by a hotel room. Such travelers are often in town for business meetings or sightseeing trips and don’t plan on spending that much time in their room.

Long-term guests, however, often spend longer periods inside their actual accommodation. Airbnbs, with their added space and amenities, can sometimes offer a more home-from-home feeling than a hotel room. There may also be discounts for booking longer stays.   

Homelike Amenities

People who want a range of household amenities at their fingertips often find that hotel rooms simply cannot meet their needs. Airbnbs, on the other hand, may be equipped with various extras, such as kitchen equipment, washers and dryers. These amenities are often sought by long-term guests; they can help save money on an extended stay and add to the convenience.

Business Amenities

While some Airbnbs do offer work-friendly set-ups and amenities, such as Wi-Fi and a desk, you may well find yourself relying on your mobile data and the dining table to meet work deadlines. Hotels are often much more geared up to meet the needs of business travelers, with things like fast Wi-Fi, LAN connections, in-room desks, in-room telephones, and on-site printing and fax facilities. Need a trouser press or iron to look smart for an important meeting? You’re more likely to find those in a hotel.

Accommodation Services

Travelers who enjoy having diverse services available during a stay often prefer hotel accommodation. Hotels usually offer much more by way of hospitality services than an Airbnb can.

In an Airbnb, you are responsible for your own daily housekeeping tasks, such as keeping everywhere clean and tidy, making your bed, cleaning your towels and so on. Hotels, however, usually provide regular housekeeping services.

Room service and laundry services are other perks typically not available in an Airbnb rental.  

Whereas most Airbnbs are individual properties with little added security over a regular home, hotels may have security guards and around-the-clock reception staff for added peace of mind. Rooms often have deadbolts and some may have keycard entry.

Hotels may have a greater range of convenient facilities and amenities than an Airbnb can offer. Think things like on-site restaurants and bars, vending machines, fitness centers, currency exchange and tour-booking services and so on.

Sociability Factor

If meeting and mingling with other people is important to you on your vacation, a hotel will almost certainly be a better accommodation option for you. While Airbnbs are great for socializing with your own group, in private shared spaces, hotels are invariably better if you want to hangout with other travelers.  

Privacy, Safety and Trust

There have been numerous tales in the media about privacy intrusions in privately let accommodations such as Airbnb. From hidden cameras to holes in walls, you are never completely assured of privacy. Intrusions in hotels, while possible, are often much less common.

Hotels must follow fairly stringent rules and regulations when it comes to minimum safety standards. This involves aspects such as working smoke detectors and clearly published evacuation procedures. There is always help close to hand too in case of an emergency. Airbnb rentals often don’t have the same level of safety features as a hotel.

Airbnb hosts are not verified, and users must often rely on community reviews to judge whether to book a property. Hotels, on the other hand, are much more regulated.

Cancellation policies can vary widely too between Airbnb rentals, with the decision made by each individual host. Hosts can also cancel bookings right before a stay, leaving visitors in a last-minute panic. Conversely, hotels typically have clearly published cancellation policies, which may include flexibility around changing dates and refundable options.   

Enjoy the Best of Both Worlds

It’s clear that both Airbnb rentals and hotel rooms have some pros and cons that will make them more or less appealing depending on travelers’ requirements and preferences.

What if there was a middle ground?

Sunset Inn & Suites is conveniently located near the sea wall and within walking distance of many of downtown’s major attractions.  

Services offered that you likely won’t find in an Airbnb rental include professional cleaning and daily housekeeping, wake-up calls, an in-room safe, free gated parking and a locked bike storage room. Free use of umbrellas and beach towels adds to the convenience, and rooms have an iron, ironing board and hairdryer. Knowledgeable staff members are full of local tips and recommendations to enhance your Vancouver visit.  

Business travelers are sure to love the high-speed wired and wireless internet connections and free local phone calls, and guests can use a computer for printing and checking emails. Stay for more than 30 days and you’ll also get your own direct-dial phone number.

On-site amenities include a fitness center and a 24-hour self-service launderette.  

You may think it sounds rather similar to a standard hotel. But you’ll find plenty of features that go above and beyond a regular hotel room too.

While the daily free breakfast (in-suite or to-go) tops an Airbnb, you can still enjoy a self-catered break thanks to each suite having its own well-equipped kitchen and dining area.

When it come to space, the hotel suites at Vancouver’s Sunset Inn & Suites are among the largest in the city! On top of the spacious bedroom and kitchen, they have a living area, complete with a desk, sofa, TV and Blu-ray. Each suite has a balcony where you can get some fresh air. Traveling with family or friends? Suites are available for up to six guests.

Want an extended stay hotel in Vancouver? You got it! Weekly and monthly rates are available.  

To sum up, Airbnb may trump a typical hotel room in many ways, but an all-suite accommodation, such as Sunset Inn & Suites, really does offer the most.