Vancouver events in February and March 2018

What a difference a year makes!  Even for Vancouver standards that was a lot of rain and over cast skies that blessed the majority of January but as we make our way through mid February it sure as anything looks and feels like Spring out – remember this time last year we were in the grip of very cool temperatures and lots of Snow

If you are a lover of nature then the months of March,  April and May will be a wonderful and dazzling experience for you, especially if you are a first time visitor to Vancouver we feel confident you will be amazed and mesmerized at what the local nature will reveal to you. Just in the last week we saw a glimpse of a Flicker,  Robins, the Canadian Geese are growing in numbers, and look high above you we are confident you will Herons and Bald Eagles soaring high in the skies.  Around the suburbs the Raccoons and Skunks will start to emerge more and more from Winter slumber.

Vancouver International Wine Festival – February 24th to March 4th #VanWineFest

Vancouver International Wine Festival is Canada’s premier wine show and widely considered to be the best wine event in North America. With ~25,000 admissions and at 39 years of age, it is one of the biggest and oldest wine events in the world. Its slogan is “The Wine World is Here”.

Notable Participants to look out for: It can be overwhelming to be over consumed with the choices of Wines to choose from but we wish to encourage you to check out these guys first – TIME WINERY at ENCORE VINEYARDS – they have been friends with us for many years now and year by year since 1993 they have produced some incredible vintages of Wine for you to enjoy, we highly recommend that you check out their products and especially their Mcwatters collection.  #TimeWinery‏ #EncoreVineyards


CELTICFEST –  February 27th to March 18th #CelticFestVan

Enjoy everything that is Celtic with the annual Celtic Fest Festival that has various events occurring through out all of Vancouver, you can enjoy the very best of the Irish, Scottish and Welsh culture with song, dance and lots of great food and shenanigans to celebrate this ancient culture – and of course there is St Patricks Day March 17th where there will be a parade and the popular Celtic Village which is the main hub for the festivities.

World Rugby Sevens Series March 10th & 11th #Canadasevens

March in Vancouver is definitively the beginning of the festival season and this starts with a bang at BC PLACE stadium with the return of the ever increasingly popular Rugby 7s.

Back for its 3rd year and more popular than ever, this version of the very physical game of rugby is condensed down to half the number of players and game times of 7 minutes long, each half  is a fast, high scoring game and the physical spectacle you will expect from this high contact sport.

With over 30,000 attending in the first year & then 40,000 the following year in attendance, this tournament is a real treat to watch, with a party like atmosphere and some great games to watch, it really shows how the Rugby Backs play their game, the games are short, the speed and tempo is fast and really is putting the world of Rugby sport on the world wide map!