Vancouver Nightlife

Vancouver Nightlife in 2021

Vancouver is home to a thriving nightlife scene, which is poised to explode in 2021 as people find themselves once again able to enjoy being out and about. From clubs and bars to live entertainment, there are myriad options in Vancouver to entice even the most discerning after-hours denizen. 

Entertainment Districts

Vancouver is home to several entertainment districts that offer plenty of options for after-hours fun. There are entire communities set aside for nightlife and these districts have plenty of options from which to choose.

For instance, Granville Entertainment District offers nightlife in the form of dance clubs, restaurants, bars and other spots where people can come together to have a good time. 

This is a popular Vancouver spot for the after-hours crowd, so it does get pretty crowded. Those that are heading to the Granville Entertainment District on weekends especially should be prepared to wait in line to get into their favorite clubs or bars. The Roxy is one of the better-known options in this district as is the Belmont Bar, which caters to a 20 to 30-year-old set. 

For those looking for nightlife that is a bit more tame or sophisticated, the Richmond Night Market might be the ideal option. The market is open until midnight on Friday and Saturday nights from May through October. One of the best parts about this market is that patrons can try a variety of options, including grilled squid and gyozas. 

There is also live music for those walking around and plenty of opportunities to people watch. 


Nightclubs are plentiful around Vancouver running the gamut from dark, dive joints to snazzy upscale options. Each nightclub has a different vibe depending on location, type of music and the crowd type. Each one also has different nights on which it is offering live music or DJs and the type of music depends on the whims of the crowd as well. 

Those looking for something underground can check out Guilt & Co, which offers food, drinks and live music every night of the week. This is a good spot for local bands and for those that want to enjoy the local scene during an extended stay at the Sunset Inn.

Gorg-O-Mish is another good option for an afterhours dance party, staying open well past many other nighttime hotspots. 

Upscale Options

Upscale crowds might enjoy the in-house bar at the Opus Hotel. This spot is see and be seen, with nightly drink specials and interesting plates on which to eat while hanging with friends and perhaps even busting a move or two. 

Darby’s Public House is one of the rooftop bars in Vancouver, boasting a dizzying array of drink options, karaoke and trivia nights and a posh environment that brings out a diverse crowd of afterhours denizens. Levels Nightclub is another upscale option for those looking to dance, try custom cocktails and people watch. 

The Fox Cabaret is another upscale live entertainment venue that specializes in live music performances. This is another good spot to check out some local talent. The Imperial is a venue that also boasts live music, though it does not bill itself as a nightclub per se.

Calabash is another good option for nightlife. It has a Caribbean vibe, right down to the jerk chicken and ackee on the menu. This is the local hip-hop and R&B spot, though the DJ always throws in some Caribbean vibes for those that want a little island flavor with their nightlife. Dancehall and reggae can be found here on Saturday nights while hip-hop and R&B are reserved for Fridays. 

Those looking to dance to other types of music have plenty of options as well. The Fortune Sound Club is the local Top 40 spot that is situated in Chinatown, which means that there are plenty of great eats around after the party has concluded.

The Roxy is one of the most well-known spots in town, in part because it offers action in the form of live music or a DJ seven days a week. The clientele here is part of what makes it a good option since it boasts an ideal mix of locals and visitors. This makes it a good place to enjoy some afterhours chatter and mingling with people that know what the city is all about.

Country Clubs

The Bourbon is the local country spot that is situated in Gastown, offering live country music and a DJ spinning the latest in country tunes thereafter. The Commodore Ballroom is the spot for concerts in Vancouver, and situated in the midst of the Granville Entertainment District, this is a good option for those that are club-hopping and trying to find something fun to do all night long. 

The Yale Saloon is another country music club in Vancouver, boasting a mix of country and down-home blues in the form of live music and popular country hits from a rotating roster of DJs. 


Comedy is another aspect of nightlife that is plentiful in Vancouver. Yuk Yuk’s Vancouver is a hopping comedy spot that offers unique decor, plenty of food and drink and a dizzying array of comedians that keep the schedule full.

Vancouver TheatreSports is another option for those looking to get their laugh on once the sun goes down, with drinks flowing and plenty of shareable plates from which to choose. 

Nightlife in Vancouver is plentiful enough for people from all walks of life and various age groups to appreciate and enjoy. In fact, those on an extended stay to this Canadian city might enjoy checking out various elements of the nightlife scene, from a local bar to one of the upscale nightclubs to a comedy joint just to appreciate the variety of the area.