Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival runs April 3rd to April 29th

The Cherry Blossom Festival will soon be upon us at the beginning of April and already we are seeing the blooms begin – does this mean Spring is reaching us very very soon – we truly hope so!

The Cherry Blossoms really spring the city into life and can be found all around the Greater Vancouver region, the festival has been directing visitors and locals alike to some of the very best spots around the city using their interactive location spotter. Click here to see where its all happening –


Cherry Blossoms – Photo by indah nur on Unsplash


There are also major hot spots in and around Vancouver that really do show off a dazzling spectacle and one of the biggest and brightest is just down the road – a 15 minute walk away at The Burrard Street Sky Train station – when in full bloom the blossoms are literally a full bright ceiling of the blossoms that creates a spectacular canopy that fills the sky in blossoms.

The bulk of the Vancouver’s 40,000 cherry trees originated as gifts from Japan and we as a city are not alone when it comes to a great Bloom spectacle, you can also see them erupt in cities such as Tokyo, Hokkaido,  Beijing, Copenhagen, Paris, Washington DC & San Francisco to name but a few…

The beauty of this Festival is that it breaks down the monotony of a long dreary winter which are no strangers to lots of rain and generally cloudy skies – so to see the Blossoms start to wake up it also seems to energize the communities as we start to wake from our own Winter slumber too – we welcome the festival with open arms and joy at the splash of colours it dazzles our senses with.