Top 15 Things Vancouver is Known For


Vancouver is Canada’s third-largest city. It is one of the country’s most well-known cities and ranks among the top 10 safest cities in the world. Vancouver was established in 1886, making it a relatively young city by Canadian standards.

Vancouver is recognized for its beautiful scenery, as well as its seafood industry, the expensive housing market, and the west coast calm of the locals.


One of the first things that comes to mind when thinking about Vancouver is its majestic mountains and ocean views. The city skyline, featuring the beautiful blue ocean and snow-capped mountains, is one of its most well-known features.

Vancouver is located on a peninsula, so it is water-locked on three sides. The bay often has very gentle waves because it is protected by Vancouver Island. Additionally, Vancouver is the biggest shipping port in North America based on how much weight its ships carry.


Vancouver is one of the rainiest cities in the world, with an average of 195 days of rainfall each year. This amounts to 92 inches or 2336.8 mm of rain annually! The winter months are typically the rainiest time of year in Vancouver, from October through April, while June and August tend to be the driest time of the year.

Vancouver’s rain is typically light; it emits a mist that falls evenly throughout the day and can last for days.

Vancouver rain


BC Bud has made a name for itself all around the world, whether you smoke marijuana or not. Vancouver is one of Canada’s major cannabis production hubs and had a huge market both domestically and internationally before legalization.

Vancouver is becoming a popular vacation spot for tourists seeking to use cannabis without fear of being arrested.


Vancouver, which is known for its stunning outdoor activities, is just 45 minutes away from Squamish, the outdoor recreation capital of Canada. It’s also the perfect halfway point between Vancouver and Whistler.

Outdoor activities in Vancouver are some of the things that make it a great place to visit, whether you’re from out of town or just looking for something to do on the weekends. You can find people hiking, skiing, snowboarding, mountain biking, and more all around Vancouver. And if you want to get even closer to nature, most residents live less than 30 minutes away from some truly beautiful scenery.


Vancouver has Lululemon, which is famous for its spandex yoga pants. They are seen all throughout the city in spandex yoga pants. Almost every woman there owns at least one pair, and they are frequently seen when walking around.

The growing popularity of yoga has driven greater demand for the pants and overall clothing line, which is now well-known across the world. A side note, the Lululemon founder also owns Canada’s most expensive house, which is worth over $70 million.

LuluLemon Vancouver


Yoga is extremely popular in Vancouver, making it one of the most yoga-friendly cities on earth. Yoga studios have sprung up all around town, including hot yoga, Bikram yoga, yogalates, power yoga and hatha yoga to mention a few.

Karma Teachers is the only charity studio in Canada if you’re visiting Vancouver and want to take a class! It’s also Canada’s first not-for-profit yoga business.


As home prices continue to skyrocket in Vancouver, many residents are feeling the squeeze of living in an expensive city. A recent house sale – for a property that is old, run-down, and condemned – went for 2.5 million dollars over the asking price, further evidence of the housing market crisis in Vancouver.

Despite being hailed as one of Canada’s most beautiful cities, it has become increasingly unaffordable for the average citizens.


The 2010 Winter Olympics, which was one of Vancouver’s most recent highlights, drew 1.8 billion spectators to the city and made it famous all around the world. This previously every four-year event has put Vancouver on the map throughout the world and called for the construction of Olympic facilities in the city.

Even more people worldwide started paying attention to Vancouver’s picturesque mountains after the 2010 Winter Olympics. The event showed everyone how gorgeous the city is and still is today.


The vision of Asian people in Vancouver is one of the first things visitors will discover. Currently, more than half of all residents in Vancouver are of Asian descent, with Chinese and Indian being the two primary ethnic groups.

Vancouver is a city where many different cultures from around the world come together. This has led to Vancouver having some of the best Chinese, Japanese, and Indian restaurants outside of their respected countries – making it famous for its delicious cuisine.


Vancouver is a seafood hotspot because of its location on the coast. Salmon is one of the most popular types of seafood in Vancouver, and it is known for being fresh and delicious.

Sushi restaurants are a must-do while visiting Vancouver, with nearly enough sushi restaurants to eat at one each day of the year and still not get them all. In the downtown core, there is usually a sushi restaurant every few blocks.


One of the most well-known aspects of Vancouver is how breathtakingly beautiful it is. The city’s beauty, in particular its snow-covered mountains and blue oceans, are inspiring to everyone who visits its shores.

One of the most evident lessons from Vancouver is how lovely the city is. With some homes here and there, the city has a park-like appearance. The damp, rainy weather and evergreen trees render it lush and green all year.

what is vancouver known for


Vancouver is widely recognized as a very clean metropolis. One of the major contributors to the city’s cleanliness is that all of the city’s trash gets collected every week from the back alleys. This conceals a lot of garbage and leaves the streets looking tidy.

The city also has a fantastic recycling program in place that encourages people to recycle everything and anything feasible. By collecting bottles and returning them to certain locations for cash, the homeless population not only helps contribute to the cleanliness of the city, but it also helps keep it tidy.


Stanley Park is one of Vancouver’s most distinctive features. The park is a city landmark and a popular recreational area where locals and tourists may get away from it all and explore the lush vegetation and natural beauty. It is one of Vancouver’s most distinctive features.

The man whose name is on the NHL’s Stanley Cup, also the namesake of Stanley Park, would be proud to know that his legacy continues. The park boasts many features, including the Vancouver Aquarium, beaches, hiking paths, a seawall, and 9 pm cannon which goes off nightly.

It’s no wonder this green space is a must-visit for anyone coming to the city– it offers days of entertainment! Additionally, the park has been set aside as protected land free from any major construction projects; ensuring its beauty can be enjoyed by all in perpetuity.


Vancouver’s politicians have made it their mission to make Vancouver one of the most environmentally-friendly cities in the world. The city is already home to many innovative companies working towards cleaning up our planet, and they’re taking even more steps to protect the environment. For example, Vancouver has more than 450 km or 279 miles of bike paths – encouraging residents to ditch their cars in favor of a greener mode of transportation.

People in Vancouver feel motivated to recycle because they see how it benefits the environment. The city is full of greenery, and people want to help keep it clean by recycling.


One reason why Vancouver is such a pleasant city to live in is its pleasant weather. In fact, Vancouver’s large homeless population is due to its mild climate. Without having to fear for freezing to death every night, people may survive outdoors all year.

Vancouver is one of the world’s most liveable cities and consistently ranks in the top 10. It is a wonderful place to live, due in part to government stability, low crime rates, jobs, universal healthcare, diversity, education, and infrastructure (among other things).

What is Vancouver Known For FAQ

What are 3 facts about Vancouver?

  • Vancouver is located on a peninsula, so it’s water-locked on three sides.
  • Vancouver has Lululemon, which is famous for its spandex yoga pants.
  • Vancouver is widely recognized as a very clean metropolis. 

What food is Vancouver known for?

Salmon is one of the most popular types of seafood in Vancouver, and it’s known for being fresh and delicious.

What is Vancouver’s nickname?

Hollywood North due to the amount of T.V shows and movies that are filmed in Vancouver.

What do locals call Vancouver?

Vancouverites have lovingly nicknamed their city ‘VanCity’ or ‘Vansterdam,’ due to the large amount of rain that falls each year.

Why is Vancouver called Hongcouver?

Some people refer to Vancouver as “Hongcouver” because of the city’s large Chinese population and cultural and economic similarities to Hong Kong.