Top 10 Restaurants in West End

Whether you’re staying in the West End for business or pleasure, there’s a good chance you’re going to want to explore the dining options around you.

From breakfast to lunch to dinner (and all those snacks in between), figuring out where to eat is usually the pain point for most families and people on vacation.

Fortunately, there are several great food choices in West End and a variety of cuisines to sample, from Japanese to American to traditional Canadian.

While you won’t find many chains in the area, you will find plenty of mom and pop diners and authentic eats from all over the world.

Keep reading to see why you want to explore all of the Vancouver restaurants, plus the top 10 West End restaurants you need to visit before you leave.

Why You Want to Try West End Restaurants

First, West End restaurants come in a variety of “flavors.” Some of the most common cuisine types you’ll find in Vancouver restaurants are:

  • American
  • Belgian
  • Canadian
  • French
  • Japanese

You’ll find several different seafood restaurants, depending on whether you want something that is traditionally Canadian or you’re in the mood for sushi or sashimi. You’ll also find several local steakhouses, from casual to high-end, and some contemporary restaurants.

And if you don’t want to sit down to eat, there are ample hole-in-the-wall dining choices where you can grab something quick and take it back to your hotel.

Staying in the West End definitely has its food perks – you’re guaranteed not to go hungry in this area. Keep reading for the top 10 West End restaurants you need to try in Vancouver.

Top 10 West End Restaurants in Vancouver

Depending on whether you are looking for a light lunch or want a nice, hearty dinner, you have several excellent choices in the West End.

Some of these restaurants may only serve dinner, whereas others may serve both lunch and dinner. Some may even serve brunch on the weekends, so plan ahead based on what you’re in the mood for.

  • Arike Restaurant and Cocktail Bar
  • Tavola
  • Market by Jean-Georges Restaurant
  • Na Jia Restaurant Ltd.
  • Forage
  • Kosoo Modern Korean Kitchen
  • Joe Fortes Seafood & Chop House
  • Robba de Matti
  • Ramen Danbo
  • Black + Blue.

Most of these restaurants accept reservations, which is a wise plan on weekend nights. Otherwise, you can expect lengthy waits as these are some of the most popular West End restaurants in the city.

Stay Close to West End Restaurants in Vancouver

If you still haven’t decided where you’re staying, consider West End. It’s one of the best areas to visit in Vancouver BC, and it is close to multiple tourist attractions, including Davie Village. Sunset Inn & Suites is located close to most West End restaurants, and it offers convenient amenities.

Within walking distance from several excellent dining options, staying at the Sunset Inn & Suites can make your Vancouver stay convenient. And if you would like to get further away from your hotel, you’re in the perfect spot to take off on other adventures.

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