Taste of Yaletown October 17th to October 27th 2012

Taste of Yaletown begins on October 17th and runs through until October 25th.

This is an excellent opportunity to sample some of Yaletown’s finest cuisine at a very affordable price, it will also be a great time to check out one of Vancouver’s more trendy and modern neighborhood. It is an area that fuses its old historic roots when it was known as an area comprise mainly of industry and warehouses. Today it has been transformed into a trendy, upscale and very modern community in the South East corner of the downtown area of Vancouver.

Its a great place to dine out and see where some of Vancouver’s most well know chefs are creating some amazing food…this is a great time to sample and savour the food on offer at a great price too.

This link will take you directly to the menu’s on offer at ‘Taste of Yaletown’.


Yaletown has gone through quite the transformation over the last decade or so, and especially in the last few years, it really seems to have found its own identity and character that makes this place its own. Not only are there fantastic restaurants to choose from, there is also trendy boutique clothing stores to visit and lots of Art too. Many of the older buildings that are historic and beautiful are now home to some great Art Galleries.

Yaletown is also home to The Roundhouse Theatre and and the Vancity Theatre which is home to the Vancouver International Film Festival, here you can see some great performances from the world of performing Arts and Film.

Check out the websites for both Theatre’s here and see what is happening over the next month and beyond…



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