Summer Hikes – The Top Five in Vancouver and Surrounding Areas

Are you an avid outdoorsy type-of person?  Are you one of those that loves summer and everything that goes with it?  Are you interested in maybe attempting one of Vancouver’s top five summer hikes?

Vancouver is not only a great city surrounded by the majestic Pacific Ocean and the glorious North Shore mountains, it is a city of many other spectacular wonders such as hiking trails galore in Vancouver and the surrounding areas.  Listed below are the recommendations by many locals and visitors alike that come to this region yearly and simply explore all that Vancouver has to offer especially in the grandeur of summer.  Bring on the summer hikes!

There are so many trails to choose from in and around this city that even the beginner to the expert of all hikers can do one of these.  If you’re ready for a “steep” challenge, take a look at this list and let’s go to the “top of the world” together.

Garibaldi Lake – There’s a pretty decent chance that this hike always ranks around number one for locals.  Garibaldi Lake located near Whistler and surrounded majestic mountains and a stellar backdrop of glaciers, this blue turquoise-coloured lake is awe-inspiring as it is breathtaking.  If you’ve got five to six hours to spare, this hike is definitely worthwhile.

Panorama Ridge

The name speaks for itself. If you want to see a never-ending landscape of mountains, peaks and vast ridges come here. Be prepared to be amazed.  Thirty kilometres (just under nineteen miles) round trip, this spectacular hike is probably best served if you camp overnight up at Garibaldi Lake.  Panorama Ridge is surrounded by Garibaldi and Helm Lake and Black Tusk and no matter where you turn, the views will be sure to be as jaw-dropping with more than you can imagine.  Let your eyes be teased and perhaps even tickled with this beaut’!

Black Tusk

Edgy. Jagged. Rugged. All of the above. The rough peaks of Black Tusk are one of the most defined places in this region.  It is a full-day of hiking with nearly 29 kms round trip so you can either do the whole thing in one day or maybe you’ll decide to camp overnight at the aforementioned Garibaldi Lake.

Joffre Lakes

Need to take a dip after a strenuous climb? Just north of Pemberton, these three beautiful and majestic lakes in a blue turquoise await to mesmerize you and quite possibly invigorate your senses.  The hiking trails pass through all three lakes and by the time you’re done, you will be rewarded with the grandeur of Matier Glacier hanging from high above.

St. Mark’s Summit

A popular hike for those that are in need of a maybe a lunch time view and simply a place to get away from it all.  This relatively easy hike will reward you at the end of your journey as there are 360-degree views overlooking Howe Sound and the surrounding areas that are sure to relax you after such an enjoyable experience.

Summer is almost over so maybe now is the right time to book that getaway or perhaps that little staycation where you can be at your “home away from home” in the mountains doing one of these amazing summer hikes or staying with us.  Please feel free to contact the hotel directly for your local resident rates (applicable to BC and Alberta residents only).  We hope to see you soon.

Until then, happy hiking!