Summer Almost Over… Say What???

Another summer in Vancouver is almost over and we’re not ready to say “Goodbye” just yet.  There is still lot to do in and around our city and we’d love it if you stayed with us so make sure that you contact the hotel directly to get the best rates available for your stay.  We still have lots of rooms available for the last official month of summer – September.  So, when are you coming to visit us?

There is still lots to do in and around the city prior to summer being over and if you need help with some ideas, let us know and we’ll do the best we can to assist you in all of your hotel and visitor needs while staying in Vancouver.  Are you a sports fan?  The BC Lions (CFL) are still in the hunt for the Grey Cup, the Vancouver Canucks will be starting training camp with their 49th season in the NHL just around the corner and not to mention the Vancouver Whitecaps are still playing to get through the rest of their MLS season.

September has always been a transitional month for us locals especially with the possibility of an “Indian Summer” whereas the sun will be bright and the temperatures will be just as comfortable as they are when it’s spring time around these parts.  The leaves will begin to change colour and you will probably even feel a cool and crisp air envelope itself around the city.  It is after all, for the love of autumn and all that orange “stuff” that the trees will show not to mention some golden sunsets to boot.

Did you know that there is the Vancouver Fringe Festival from September 6th to 16th as well as the Vancouver International Film Festival from September 27th to October 12th – all between September and October?  Stay tuned for some blog posts about both the Fringe and Film Festivals.

What are you looking forward to the most this September?  Each season like life, be prepared for the unexpected and the unknown.