Summer in Vancouver

Summer 2021 in Vancouver: Best Things to Do on Vacation

In 2014, Vancouver had over 4.4 million overnight visitors from around the world. Fast forward 7 years, and tourism to this area’s certainly grown!

The fact is, more and more people are becoming interested in visiting Vancouver. But it’s not just people from out of the country. Many Canadians are seeing Vancouver’s potential as a staycation hotspot!

So if you’re planning a trip and are spending summer 2021 in Vancouver, you might be wondering what this fantastic city has to offer. Read on to find out the best things to do while you’re on vacation here!


One of the first places you should visit is Gastown. It’s the oldest neighbourhood in Vancouver, which means you’ll step into history.

The most notable thing you’ll see here is the Steam Clock. It’s a beautiful clock that was built in 1977 and it’ll chime every hour, as well as every 15 minutes! It’s one of the few steam clocks that are still working today (6 to be exact), so make sure you witness this amazing piece of work.

Once you’re done viewing the clock, have a walk around Gastown. For those of you who love vintage lampposts, you’ll get a kick out of this area, as you’ll have plenty of pictures to take.

Gastown is also home to lots of bars and restaurants. So if your stomach’s grumbling or you’d like a cold beer, stop at a few of the many fine establishments this place has to offer.

Granville Island

Do you like shopping? Then you’ll want to put Granville Island down as one of the things to do in Vancouver while you’re here.

This is actually a peninsula that’s in False Creek and it separates Downtown Vancouver from the rest of the city. You’ll be able to spend a whole day (or two!) in Granville Island, looking at all the shops it has to offer.

There’s also a market and many restaurants and cafes. So when you get tired and hungry, you’re never far away from some tasty food.

One of the best things about Granville Island is, despite its name, it’s actually very easy to get to! You can walk, bike, or drive, or take the bus or aquabus if you’re feeling fancy.

Playland and Hastings Park

For those of you who like carnivals and amusement parks, stop by Playland. Playland is located in Hastings Park and in the summer, you’ll actually get a fair nearby as well!

Hastings Park has been host to many exhibitions and events since 1910, so it’s certainly got history.

Fun fact: some scenes from Batwoman were filmed in Playland! So if you’re a fan of the movie, make sure you check out this amusement park to get “on set.”

On that note, you should take a walk through Hastings Park since you’re there anyway. Some key places to visit include:

  • Momiji Gardens
  • The Sanctuary
  • Il Giardino Italiano

Stanley Park

One of the most gorgeous places you can visit in Vancouver is Stanley Park. It’s also one of the most famous!

Not only is it full of lush greenery spread across 400 hectares, but the park is also right next to the ocean, which offers you some amazing views while you walk the Seawall. You can also bike if you prefer!

If you’re more of an active person, you can opt to go on the park’s 16 miles of forest trails.

You can always drive to Stanley Park, but we don’t recommend it. It might take forever to find parking, and that’s if you’re lucky!

Instead, take the sky train. It won’t get you directly to Stanley Park, but it’ll be a nice walk in the summer and you can explore more of Vancouver this way.

Because the park is so big, we’d recommend you spend a whole afternoon or day there. The entire park takes a few hours to walk, depending on how often you stop. So why not have a relaxing picnic while you’re at it?

Capilano Suspension Bridge

As far as outdoor activities in Vancouver go, here’s one for people who aren’t faint of heart! This suspension bridge is 140 metres long and also 70 metres high. While you’re going across it, you’ll get a gorgeous (but dizzying!) view of the Capilano River.

This bridge actually has its own park, so there’s more to do than just go over it. For example, you can go to the Story Centre where you can learn all about the history of the area. Or you can go view the totems and learn more about the First Nations culture.

There’s also Raptors Ridge, which is open only during summer! You’ll get to see these beautiful birds of prey up close and personal.

And lastly, there are complimentary history and nature walks in the park. Learn all about the ecosystem in this beautiful park.

Summer Night Markets

If you’ve ever been to Asia before, then you’ll know how fun the hustle and bustle of night markets can be. Well, you won’t have to travel far to experience it, as Vancouver actually hosts 2 of these Asian night markets!

You’ll find both in the Lower Mainland: Shipyards Night Market and Richmond Night Market. The latter has over 300 vendors, which makes for an exciting time!

While these markets were cancelled for 2020, there’s a very good chance they’ll be around this summer.

Spend Summer 2021 in Vancouver

If you’re spending summer 2021 in Vancouver and previously didn’t know what to do here, then we hope this article has been of help.

From Gastown and Granville Island to Stanley Park and the Capilano Suspension Bridge, you’ll have plenty of Vancouver summer activities to fill your itinerary up with! So make the most of your time in the city, whether you’re going on vacation with friends or going solo. You’re sure to have an amazing experience!

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