Stand Out Above The Rest

We strive to be a hotel that will stand out above the rest.  We assume that you wanna’ know more, why not book a stay with us and see what we’re all about.

You may be asking about what makes us different or how do we do it?  The Sunset Inn and Suites is a hotel that isn’t like your normal boutique hotel.  We’re different.  Special.  Unique.  Most of all, we are “one-of-a-kind.”  Upon your arrival at your hotel, you may realize that we don’t like a normal hotel that you may have come to expect throughout your travels either here and/or abroad.  We stand out because we don’t do things the usual way.

Sunset Inn and Suites is a place that we’ve given ourselves a special nickname – “your home away from home” and that we want to make you feel like you’re at home when you stay with us.  Most of us when we stay at a  hotel, we look for the luxuries of what we have in our everyday lives even moreso, it’s a matter of convenience.  By now, you’re probably still asking yourself, what makes us stand out.

For starters, who doesn’t like a comfortable bed to fall asleep in?  Well, we pride ourselves in having the most comfortable sheets, comforters, duvets and mattresses.  Our hotel uses the “Four Seasons EnLighten Series” which some of us have actually slept on and speaking from experience some of us have a hard time not hitting the snooze button when our alarms go off in the morning.  We blame the mattress and the comfortability that goes with it and okay maybe we’ll include the pillows too.

So you finally decided to wake up after all, who doesn’t like a fresh cup of coffee in the morning?  All of our rooms come equipped with Keurig coffee makers.  If you need some pods to go with your Keurig, we have a variety of options available – Van Houtte (Eclipse Bold, Italian Roast, House Blend, Colombian, French Vanilla and Decaf) and Starbucks (Caffe Verona, Pike Place and Veranda).  If you’re still feeling a little too tired to make your own coffee, let us do it for you.  We have a light continental breakfast (offering fresh fruits like bananas, apples and oranges, mini danishes, bagels and more) that happens every morning between 7am to 10am in the hotel lobby where you can either socialize with us or fellow guests.  Our continental breakfast is a guest favourite especially when you even get to make your own waffles.  We have a variety of toppings for you to choose from – Blueberries, strawberries, icing sugar or the simplicity of syrup.  Don’t forget the butter!

What other things make us stand out?  Is this your first time to Vancouver?  Let us help you get the most out of your time in our city.  Our staff are all very familiar with Vancouver and what it has to offer every visitor to our city.  We have partnered very closely with a lot of the well-known tour companies in our city such as West Coast Sightseeing and LandSea Tours just to name a few.

We do hope to see you soon so that you can see what we’re all about.  Remember, we would love to have you.  Hope to see you soon!