Snow bus to Whistler and YVR Airport

Winter is officially here and bang on cue came a wee dusting of Snow to herald the start of the Season where we endure the longest nights and coldest temperatures of the 4 seasons.

It has been an interesting start to the cooler period for us – we have had one of the rainiest Novembers on record and that got us all excited for the Ski hills to open early and that they did, however, as soon as December hit we enjoyed a very quiet and dry period with fog all around the city, and while the city shivered down below high above was a different story, in the mountains themselves the temperatures reached a high of 14c (thats 57.2 in Fahrenheit folks) – a classic case of an inversion in the world of Weather.

Now we have some pretty chilly air in place and it seems like that this going to stick around for a wee while, this means that we can now bundle up and enjoy the winter outdoors.  This is a great time to head up to Whistler which is our true winter wonderland playground.

 Snowbus and Whistler.

Courtesy of Westcoast sightseeing  we welcome the return of the Snowbus for the Whistler winter season.

You can book tours with us at the Front desk so you can make the most of your stay by visiting the winter wonderland that is Whistler. Snowbus offers round trips and one way excursions with packages available to add on if you wish to ski the fantastic hills of Whistler Blackcomb.

Prices One Way start at $24 and Round trip excursions start at $35 and each Bus has free fast wifi, there are no cancellation fees and they also offer free YVR Airport drop off if you need to fly out from Vancouver Airport – they will make sure you get there safe and sound!


Whistler Blackcomb opened in January 1966 and was originally intended to be built for the failed 1968 Winter Olympic bid but the resort was given the green light anyways, which we are all very happy about as it has become one of the most popular ski destinations in the world and certainly number one in North America, it also boasts to be one of the largest resorts for skiing too. The resort was used for many major events during the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics which was held jointly between Whistler and Vancouver.

Over the years there have been many changes to make the resort that extra special and one of the most popular features are the Peak to Peak gondola which connect to Whistler Peak with the Blackcomb peak – the gondola currently holds the record for being the highest and longest unsupported cable car in the world – it is absolutely breathtaking to be transported between two mountain peaks.