Skookum Festival – Where Urban Meets Wild

SKOOKUM? Say what?  You’re probably wondering what the heck is that?

Yes, we’re talking about the SKOOKUM Festival – “Where Urban Meets Wild”

Mark September 7-9, 2018 on your calendars for this inaugural event happening in Vancouver and Stanley Park.  If you need somewhere to stay during the festivities, book with us directly for the best rates and if you are a local BC or Alberta resident, you may be able to save up to 15% on your room rate too.

SKOOKUM translates directly into strong, brave and impressive.  It also means celebration.  It originates from the historical Chinook Jargon of the Pacific Northwest.  We challenge you to reconnect with your inner spirit and to experience “SK-OO-KUM”.  Whether you’re into music, food or art – this event is just for you.

The music lineup promises to be absolutely spectacular and promises to be an epic show with each and every artist that performs.  From Metric to The Arkells to Florence and the Machine to The Killers and even Blue Rodeo – Every show will probably get sold out so be sure to get your tickets now!

Do you like food?  Maybe we should try to tantalize your taste buds with the food lineup.  Are you feeling a bit hungry?  Maybe thirsty?  There’s going to be an eclectic array of food vendors at this year’s event that promises to keep you coming back for more.  From restaurants and food trucks to a long table dinner series and yes even a craft beer market and all of this is for you to wet your appetite and tickle your taste buds.  There is so much to keep you “full”.

What about art?  Do you like art?  How about meeting some fellow artists that all have their own unique style to what makes them, them.  The artist lineup also promises to be just as good as anything you may have never seen before.  Just to give you sampling of who will be here, check out these artists: Katie So, Debra Sparrow, Tim Rolls and Drew Young.

Get ready for a lot of fun as SKOOKUM is surely going to be all that and more.