Scary Films and Supernatural shows that were filmed in Vancouver for you to enjoy this Halloween.

As many of you know Vancouver has a massive film scene and in the business it is commonly known as the Hollywood north, if you feel that some places around the city look familiar maybe its because you have seen many of the landmarks in films created here gone by.

Due to the volume of movies being made and with Halloween fast approaching we wish to recommend some of the most famous Scary/Horror movies and TV Shows  that were filmed in Vancouver, check them out so you can watch and enjoy during Halloween.


IT – 1990 – Mini TV Series.  We do know that this was a mini TV series as opposed to a full feature length movie but many of us remember it more as a film.  This is by far one of the most popular or unpopular clowns that many will associate with aside from Ronald Macdonald (but that is a whole different story eh).  Pennywise has been scaring kids for years and recently has been remade with an even more sinister. Vancouver sets include Buntzen Lake and East Van’s Admiral Seymour Elementary. Also Tim Curry is and always  will be our memory of Pennywise no matter how many remakes there are of this sinister and creepy clown.


Freddie Vs Jason – 2003.  By far 2 of the most popular and iconic of all Horror film bad guys that has ever given us the night scares. They came together in 2003 to basically wage terror on kids at a lake, that Lake happens to be Buntzen Lake which was name after named after the first general manager of the B.C. Electric Co. Johannes Buntzen, it is located just outside of Coquitlam. This film was highly anticipated as a great idea and broke records at the box office as being one of the highest grossing horror movies to this day!

Final Destination 1 to 5.  Not the scariest of movies but certainly a surefire blood-fest that sees a lot of people die in various ways that we would deem unfathomable and then when they manage to get away, they usually croak it in spectacular ways and clearly the movie going audience could not get enough of the craziness and gore!   All 5 of this franchise were filmed in Vancouver and is a great way to see many parts of our city.

Twilight Saga series, New Moon Eclipse & Breaking Dawn Dawn Pt 1. Some may argue that this maybe should not be classified as Horror, however, there is no denying that this should not be included in the mix as it is was by far one of the most popular productions to be filmed in Vancouver, we are pretty sure  tourism may have increased somewhat considering the interest that this supernatural romantic series had created at the time. Even to this day we have guests coming to Vancouver to specifically check out the locations of where this series was filmed.