Richmond Chinese Nightmarket

In addition to the downtown Chinatown Nightmarket, on May 18th the city of Richmond is also opening its very popular nightmarkets.

This market is very easy to get too, Richmond is a city that is South of Vancouver and is easily accessible via Downtown Vancouver from the Skytrain (At Bridgeport), and YVR Airport.

Richmond is pretty much the ‘other’ Chinatown of its area, and looking back in History, it was when this area started to Boom, Chinatown itself went into a brief decline.

Those days are long gone now, and if you are interested in taking in some Chinese Culture, great food and other goods to buy, you will be really interested in this and will not be disappointed!!!!

Our favoured market is The Richmond Nightmarket, due to its location, size and the fact that it now well established, please check this out!
If you like there is also the Summerland market, its not as close to the skytrain but maybe worth a visit.

There are also some excellent Q & A on their website which you can look at directly from here….this should help you in the right direction.

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