Playland Amusement park is now open on the weekends!

Playland Amusement Park and Vancouver in the distance

Canada's oldest Amusement Park...Playland @ The PNE

Opened in 1958, The Wooden Rollercoaster is a recognizable feature of Playland

The Playland amusement park is now ready to open its doors for the 2012 season, at the moment the park will be open only on weekends. As the Summer season hits its peak, the park will be open during the weekdays as well.

The park is also home to the PNE and the Hastings Race Course – the Playland Amusement park itself is Canada’s oldest amusement park, it opened its doors to the public way back in the 1950s and still has the original wooden Rollercoaster in operation, which has been entertaining thrill seekers since 1958, there are also 2 other rollercoaster rides at Playland.

Playland like to shake things up a little, so every year, two of the amusement rides are replaced with something brand new, there are also festivals and events happening every year, with the climax of Playland and PNE joining forces at the end of August for a bigger festival for the public to enjoy.

If you decide to go there in the summer, please look out for any concerts that may be happening, the PNE generally has some fantastic line ups. You can easily make a whole day of it too, get yourselves there at early doors, have a mess around at the Playland Park, then you can go check out the Races at the nearby Hastings Racecourse, and then finish up the day with a good concert!!!!

Playland is also home to one of the best places to enjoy Halloween, they really know how to scare your wits with their crazy Haunted House and other spectacularly scary exhibitions!

To get to Playland is quite straightforward, situated on Hastings Street in East Vancouver close to the city of Burnaby, just follow Hastings Street Eastbound all the way.

If you like to explore some further funky areas, you can even stop off along the famous Commercial Drive district. Commonly known as ‘The Drive’ it has a similar atmosphere to our own Davie Village and Main St districts. You will be spoiled for choice for quirky shops, fantastic Bars, Cafes and Restaurants, please ask the front desk for details regarding this area, specifically Dave and Elvis who are both very familiar to this district and have both resided in the area.