2020 New Years in Vancouver

Are you looking for the perfect place to spend New Year’s?

The new year is just around the corner and it’s time to start planning for your New Year’s trip.

Whether you’re taking the whole family or looking for a relaxing couple’s weekend, New Years in Vancouver is one of the best times of the year.

From local New Year’s parties to public firework displays, Vancouver has everything you and your family need to ring in the new year in style.

Keep reading to find out why you need to spend New Year’s in Vancouver and what things to do while you’re in the city.

Why Spend New Years in Vancouver?

When you’re looking for the perfect holiday destination for your New Year’s celebration, Vancouver is one of the top places you should consider.

There are a few reasons you want to spend New Year’s in Vancouver:

  • Weather: With one of the warmer winter climates in Canada, Vancouver is an excellent place to get away for the new year without having to freeze for the holiday.
  • Scenery: Watching fireworks over the water or with mountains in the background is an epic experience. Vancouver offers the perfect backdrop to light up the sky.
  • Parties: Because the city is always bustling, there are a variety of New Year parties you can attend to watch the ball drop.

And if all that doesn’t sell you, keep reading for a few things you can do for New Year’s in Vancouver to make your holiday experience the best one yet.

Things to Do for New Years in Vancouver

Spending New Year’s in Vancouver can be an exciting experience if you know where to go for the holiday. Here are some of the top events in the city:

1. NYC 2019 at Science World

To celebrate the new year with a massive crowd, check out the New Year’s Eve party at Science World. The venue is turned into a nightclub for the evening, and there is space for 1,000 partygoers.

With six DJs and five bars, this is a New Year’s party for the books. Just make sure you pick up your tickets in advance as this event will sell out quickly!

2. Fairmont Waterfront Gala Ball

If you’re looking for a classier event, consider the Fairmont Waterfront Gala Ball. There is a dress code, so you’ll want to dress for the occasion, but it’s semi-formal, so still easy to pull off.

Not only will you get appetizers and a champagne toast when the ball drops, but you’ll have some of the best views in the city for watching fireworks.

3. New Year’s Eve Boat Cruise

For something a little more unique, consider taking a boat cruise for the new year. You can dance the night away under a sky full of glistening fireworks.

Depending on the experience you want, you can either take a dinner cruise or just partake in a cruise with light appetizers and drinks. Either way, grab your tickets fast to this one.

Where to Stay for New Years in Vancouver?

Once you’ve nailed down your New Year’s Eve plans (and hopefully picked up your tickets early), you’ll want to make sure you have a great place to stay for the night. The Sunset Inn & Suites has suites with skyline or partial water views, which are perfect for watching fireworks.

Looking for a place to stay for New Years in Vancouver? Contact Sunset Inn & Suites today to book a room with the perfect night sky view.