Maximise your stay with knowledgeable and attentive Staff at the Sunset Inn.

At the Sunset Inn and Suites you will find that this hotel is truly is one of a kind, with its warm and friendly staff to attend to all your needs we strive to do our very best for everyone of our guests. At this time of year although we are still in the throes of the high season of Summer we now start to look at improvements within the hotel and where we can develop and improve on our service.

We pride ourselves on a style that is uniquely ours – we have a laid-back and quirky attitude that we feel is a massive draw for guests that come to visit us here – it does come as quite a surprise to many who are first time visitors here when they experience our style and business format, we feel that it is something that shines for us, so if you like quirky and knowledgeable staff then we are exactly the hotel for you.

The staff and management are proud to share our extensive knowledge base with all our guests, we all have own personal style and interests which we love to share with yourselves. As a team we have really made an effort to learn from each other and share our knowledge, so we can show you our valued customers the very best that Vancouver has to offer and with a personal touch. So do not hesitate to talk to us all as this mix up of ideas and personality will absolutely maximize your stay and you will come away with so much more this way.

We all have our favorite spots of where we personally like to visit and many of these locations are not necessarily written about in Tourism guide books, generally speaking these are more favored locations that we locals love to visit during the year. We will point you in the direction of amazing restaurants, places to visit that will suit all the family too, some of us have our own families so we feel we can pick your brain on what each person likes no matter what the age, and there is nothing more we like to do than to chat in depth so we get a good sense and understanding of you are, so don’t ever be shy as no question is too strange, big or small, we promise we will have an answer for you. Also each member of staff here have their own particular parts of the city that we know a fair bit about, so pick our brains as together as a team we firmly believe that we pretty much have all of Vancouver and the surrounding areas covered!

To add to this concept we also discuss among ourselves some brainstorming ideas that will improve the hotel and what will suit your needs, over the last few years many of our repeat guests have seen how we do really strive to pay attention to detail and that when you are staying here you will see that the rooms are equipped with appliances and information that we hope should cover all your needs and hopefully exceed expectations – it is still of course a work in process and an ongoing evolution in the development of the hotel in the present day and for many years to come in the future.

We welcome any suggestions that you have and will listen intently to your ideas as to what we can do to make the stay as amazing as it can be. As the Summer season winds down it is our time to put our thinking caps and look around the hotel for the required improvements to make the hotel that little bit extra special and unique to us.

So to conclude this blog talk to each and everyone of us, we love this city and absolutely want you all to come away with seeing as much as possible as it would be a shame to miss out on so much that this city has to offer. We look forward to making your trip a special and unforgettable one.