Everyone Loves Fall Sunsets, Don’t They?

Everyone loves fall sunsets, don’t they?  Have you ever noticed that the colours of this magical season somehow match with the fallen leaves?

Did you know that we have an ongoing special promotion right now where you can save up to 25% our best available rates from now until the end of November.  All you gotta’ do is look for our “CYBER” special and book online here.  We would absolutely love to have you and to watch some of these lovely sunsets together.  Maybe even from one of our Executive Floor Suites (floors 7 – 11)?  Not to mention, we’re not known as the Sunset Inn and Suites for the namesake, we actually mean it because of how close we are to English Bay where all the magic happens night in and night out.

Everyone loves fall sunsets because of how it brings each day to a close and starts a new magical moment between ourselves and the sun. Perhaps it’s the warm colours of gold, red, orange, yellow, purple, green and blue.

Did you know that we also have a Sunset Beach? It’s just a short walk down the hill from us and it is yet another magical spot to watch all of our sunsets?  In all honesty, no matter the day even if we do not see the sun, we know that it’s out there somewhere and it’s magic will always be behind the clouds waiting to appear when we least expect it.  Did you know that if you walk around the entire Stanley Park Sea Wall and English Bay, you can catch a glimpse of the sunset from almost any and everywhere.  The Sea Wall expands over twenty-eight kilometres from Kitsilano Beach to Athlete’s Village (from our 2010 Winter Olympic Games) to Yaletown and our neighbourhood of Davie Village and the West End.

We want to encourage you to not only to come and visit Vancouver, we would like for you to come and stay with us.  We also offer weekly and monthly rates for those of you that would like to stay longer and enjoy all of the comforts with your “home away from home”.

Hope to see you soon!