Late Night Dining in Vancouver

When you’re out of town, you’ve earned the opportunity to treat yourself. The late-night food Vancouver options are rather expansive.  Whether you’re on vacation or taking a business trip, you should look at any time away from home as a time to unwind.

One of the best ways to enjoy your time out of town is to find a local restaurant or grab a drink. Keep reading to learn more about your food options in Vancouver.

Side note: Our hotel guests have even more options with the full kitchen in every room. Late-night cooking or warming up something in the oven is often the right call too.

Late Night Eats

When we dine out, the food tastes different. It’s more flavor a bowl and feels as if we are treating ourselves to something special.

Dining out is a really important part of any trip experience. Being able to eat like a local can help you feel as if you were vacation has been elevated. Even if you don’t want to eat out every meal it’s important to find good restaurants near your hotel.

The Sunset Inn comes fully equipped with a full kitchen. That way if your dinner can be reheated for an even later night snack. 

Zabu Chicken 

Zabu Chicken is a Korean-style fried chicken restaurant. This family-style restaurant has helped infuse some American favorites with traditional Korean cooking. Zabu Chicken is open until 1 AM and is perfect for late-night food in the west end.  

This restaurant has a wide variety of dining options, serving everything from kimchi soup to hot wings. This variety is great if you are dining with a group. Zabu Chicken is a total crowd-pleaser.


Pidgin is a stylish restaurant in downtown Vancouver. This restaurant showcases local art and gives off a trendy vibe. Pidgin serves as a cultural and artistic hotspot in the city; not only does it showcase artwork, but also has played a major role in the commissioning of a local mural. 

If you are interested in making a reservation for your upcoming trip, be sure to book in advance. This restaurant is French-influenced and offers a variety of Asian-fusion-inspired cuisine and cocktails. This restaurant offers great dine-in, take-out, and delivery options.  

Lucy’s Eastside Diner

This dinner encompasses all of the spirit and class of an old North American diner. This diner offers a variety of affordable menu items made from the freshest ingredients. 

This establishment is 24/7 and even offers classic cocktails. Between the fun environment and the mouthwatering food, Lucy’s Eastside Diner is the diner for you. 

Drinks and Dining 

When you are on vacation it is normal to want to let loose. A few drinks can help you loosen up and relax for the night. 

There is nothing wrong with indulging in a few drinks when you are off the clock.  Here is a guide to some of the best bars in the area. 

Sing Sing Beer Bar

Sing Sing Beer Bar offers a great combination of gourmet pizzas and pho. This menu can help fulfill all of your late night cravings. This is the perfect hidden trove of flavor near downtown. 

The Alabi Room 

The Alabi Room has a full bar and a great aesthetic. Drink flights are a splendid way to sample the drink options and enjoy your night. This is the perfect place for happy hour because its hours are between 4:30 AM and 11 PM or midnight. 

There are a variety of appetizers and a great selection of food no matter the time of day.  You have to try the French toast stuffed with brie and strawberries. 

Steamworks Brewing Company 

If you are in Vancouver looking for a good time or just a place to decompress, Steamworks is the spot for you. You can sit down and relax while playing pool or chilling on the patio. This bar has a great ambiance and even better dining options.

The Tempesta pizza is always a crowd-pleaser. Once you finish scarfing down every last slice, you should wash it down with the homebrew. 

Breakfast for Dinner

Breakfast foods are always great, they are rich in key nutrients that can fill you up quickly. Breakfast staples are the true definition of comfort food.  Sometimes there is no more perfect way to end the night than pancakes and a few slices of bacon.

Breka Bakery

Bakeries always seem like the perfect way to treat yourself. This bakery is able to perfectly juggle presentation and flavor. In fact, Breka Bakery was voted Top Bakery of 2016. 

Breka Bakery offers seasonal pastries that can always put you in the spirit of the season. With a rotational menu, this is always a great spot to check out if you are visiting Vancouver. 

Duffin Donuts

Donuts are the perfect way to end any evening. Their delicious goodness can be treated as a dessert or qualifies breakfast if you get extra to bring back to the hotel room. 

Duffin Donuts has become a staple of the community. These donuts have so many different flavors so they are short to appease any late-night craving.

Explore Late Night Food Vancouver Dining 

After a long day on vacation midnight cravings might begin to set in. This is the perfect opportunity to reheat your leftovers and take a bite of a late-night dish. Thankfully, the Sunset Inn is right in the heart of Vancouver and delicious dining is just a few steps away.

A total vacationing experience is only complete with a full stomach and a nice comfy bed. Connect with us to book your stay in Vancouver.