You Hungry? Got Some “Late Night” Cravings?

Got some “late night” cravings?  You hungry?  Are you starving?  Is your stomach uncontrollably growling and you can’t wait til’ morning to have breakfast?  Come and stay with us and have the luxury of cooking in your own suite or are you simply too tired to even cook?

Here are some of our suggestions for those “late night” cravings and munchies (keep in mind that these are in no particular order), your taste buds might thank you for filling up your stomach with these ideas:

  1. Breka Bakery & Cafe – 855 Davie Street. (604) 428-8080
    There’s even one location a stones throw away from our hotel located at 855 Davie Street.  A local hotspot for anyone looking to get some work done. This joint has a constant supply of coffee and a wonderful selection of baked goods and desserts, which is a winning duo in our books.  You could probably throw in affordable and convenient at Breka as well.  A local review states: “There’s much to love about Breka Bakery & Cafe, since they’re affordable and open around the clock. Fans of their three locations know and love them for their baked goods, seating, old school bakery vibe, and free wifi.”
  2. The Naam – 2724 West 4th Avenue. (604) 738-7151
    Just across the Burrard Street Bridge and in the heart of Kitsilano, a trendy Vancouver neighbourhood where locals and university students come to congregate for those yet again “late night” study cram sessions.  The Naam is a vegetarian’s paradise. This spot offers quality comfort grub like burritos, burgers, and one seriously stellar vegan carrot cake – yes, 24 hours a day.  It’s a great option for those long and strenuous all-nighters.

  3. Duffin’s Donuts – 1391 East 41st Avenue. (604) 325-5544
    The name of this place can be a little deceiving.  Like, if you want donuts, why not go to Tim Horton’s or something, right?  Duffin’s is the ideal spot to head to if you’re in need of a sugar-fueled work session. If you’re not feeling sweet, Duffin’s also has their eclectic menu of hot subs (“tortas”) and Chinese food for feasting.
  4. Lucy’s Eastside Diner – 2708 Main Street. (604) 568-1550
    There’s never a bad time for breakfast food, and thankfully when the craving strikes, Lucy’s is open 24-hours a day. With many other classic diner style foods, you can get their “all day & night” breakfast special for less than $10 – though you’ll definitely be tempted (and probably tantalized) by the rest of the other goodies on their menu.
  5. Siegel’s Bagels – 1883 Cornwall Avenue. (604) 737-8151
    Celebrating over 25 years of pure bagel bliss, Siegel’s Kitsilano is always an option if you’re into studying and eating delicious Montreal-style bagels at the same time. Siegel’s Kitsilano location is the only one open 24 hours.

By now, you’re probably salivating at the thought of all these delectable yet perhaps delicious places to eat and wet your appetite!