Its Family Day Weekend in Vancouver and BC And the Sun is shining for the most part!

Family Day long weekend is here – check out some great places to visit and explore here while the Sun is still shining and boy oh boy has it been a while since we saw that great orb in the sky!  Apparently there is a threat of the white fluffy stuff making an appearance but if it does it will likely be pretty and short lived – get out there and enjoy the Sun and fun in Vancouver…

Walk the Seawall and visit the Aquarium.

This to us is the perfect opportunity to get out there and enjoy a gentle stroll around the Seawall. At a length of 28km long this is one of the longest and best seawalls around the world.  It spans the majority of the downtown circumference and winds it way around the majority of Stanley Park too – as the season progresses you will witness hints of Spring all around you right now – things to check out are some of the migrating Birds that tells us Spring is ever marching closer, the Plants are starting to slowly emerge from their winter slumber, the trees are beginning to bud and you can even see some Cherry Blossoms appearing – a great area to check out is the Lost Lagoon in the East of Stanley Park not too far away from the Westend neighboorhood.

The Seawall is divided in to two clearly marked sections – one for walkers and joggers (closest to the water), and one for cyclists and inline skaters (inside path).

While you are here you should visit the Vancouver Aquarium which is located just around the corner too from the Lagoon – Celebrate Family Day with our aquatic family. Meet a tortoise and a penguin, pose for family pictures with Ollie the Otter or catch aquatic-themed puppet shows, story time and face painting. Join us for a swimmingly good time.

Explore Granville Island and Play pop up Ping Pong!

Granville Island is a great place to visit for the all the family, it has a very large public market which has a huge amount of worldwide cuisine and funky craft shops, there are plenty of places to eat here where you can sit down and enjoy a nice meal in your own time or get something quick while you check out the island.  Also running till the 18th there is Pop Up Ping-Pong courtesy of Ocean Art Works  and run by frida&frank  – who to take over & transform the space on the island into an outdoor rumpus room. Come down, play some table tennis, do something crafty or just hang out with friends.

Go Flyover Canada – Flight of the Dragon till February 18th

Flyover Canada has become a major attraction since it opened back in 2013 and showcased its fly over movie that was filmed over Iceland.  Since then it has screened some amazing tours over various parts of Canada – the movie literally makes you feel that you are there taking part in soaring over some incredible areas of Canada that you otherwise may never witness in person.

Flight of the Dragon is back at Fly Over Canada for a limited time! During this special feature, follow a mythical dragon as it soars over some of China’s most spectacular landscapes and scenery – including the Great Wall of China, Zhangjiajie National Forest Park, the city of Shanghai and more. Then, take off again to experience FlyOver Canada, an exhilarating journey from east-to-west across Canada.

The complete experience will last between 20 and 25 minutes.

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