Its all about Science in Vancity this week…

Hello all!!!

This past week the city of Vancouver was one hell of a crowded town, this was partly due to the volume of Scientists attending the Vancouver Convention Center for the AAAS (Advance Science, Serving Society) Annual General Meeting.

It seems to be an appropriate time for such an event to occur as we have quite an extraordinary astronomical celestial show that unfolds shortly after Sunset.As for all the Science hungry fans out there, we will show you what Vancouver can offer you that is everything SCIENCE!!!

If you are the kind of person that likes to look at the Sunset and the emerging stars as Dusk retreats beyond the horizon, some of you may have noticed a rare event that involves a few of our neighboring planets and our Familiar Satellite The Moon. As the sun is setting look high in the South West Sky and you will notice two very bright objects that look like stars….if you have a keen eye you can catch these object even in the bright day of light…..these planets are Jupiter and Venus.

Venus is the brightest of the two planets and is really a dazzling site in the sky, as apart from the Moon, Venus is the second brightest object in the night sky. Jupiter is a the third brightest object, and although it is dimmer than Venus, this giant planet of Gas is actually the largest planet in the Solar system, yet, it is so far away it actually looks small comparison to our sister planet. Venus is our close is the next planet in and is a little closer to the Sun. She shines so brightly as this planet is covered in white clouds that reflect the sunlight back to us like a bright mirror.

Just a day or so ago the two planets created a fantastic triangle formation with the Crescent Moon (which marks the beginning of the Lunar day, or is the end of the day, depending which side the crescent forms)….Having these objects all visually close by, our eyes create a fantastic optical illusion that makes these objects stand out like no other, and it is an event that happens very very rarely, so please, if the skies are clear watch the sunset and enjoy this breathtaking natural phenomenon.

Also, if you have a very sharp and keen eye and know where to look, these planets are even visible in broad daylight, but you have to be pretty sharp and on the ball to experience this.

So what does Vancouver have to offer with regards to awesome Science.

Located at the eastern end of False Creek, and a building that famously resembles a giant golf ball, (albeit a sparkly one at night) This a fun place to have fun for the family, and once in a while an adults only evening, so the inner child can come out and play, be curious and learn some pretty cool things.

Situated in Vanier park (next door to the Maritime Museum) at the mouth of False Creek and English Bay, here you can get your astronomy fix and on Saturday evenings with Weather permitting, you will be able to look through their telescope at the stars and and beyond……

If you are interested in People/civilizations and have a penchant for Anthropology, (how many of you have always wanted to be Indiana Jones or David Attenborough). Look no further than the MOA located at the University of British Columbia Campus, and whilst you are there, you can even take a trip down to Wreck Beach where you can get your Ecological and Botany fix…walking down the steps you will see and encounter plants and trees that make up some of the Temperate Rain-forest, which makes way to the beautiful stunning and most famous of Vancouver Beaches. (Beware-there may or may not be some nudity, as this is one of the most famous of Nudist beaches as well…

A great place to visit in the heart of our own Stanley Park a Temperate Rain-forest that is home to some incredible Fauna and Flora. The aquarium is a wonderful spot to learn about the Ecology and Ecosystems of the Pacific Northwest, even if you are 9 or 90, you will not be disappointed.

Science World, Macmillan Space Center and the Maritime Museum can all be reached via The False Creek Ferry Service, at the very same stop that where they can take you to Granville Island.

So there you have it, for all the Science fans, geeks and Nerds, you will have fun with this…enjoy!!!

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