Information and news on changes to the hotel

The Summer season of 2012 is now slowly but surely beginning to wind down to a close, however, that does not mean we the staff here are so quiet.

September for us is still a relatively busy month and seems to end our summer season with a bang, it is also a time where we huddle together and start to look around the hotel in finer detail. We start to seriously look at what work we need to do with regards to keeping the hotel in shape, and more specifically, renovations, where we need to work on in regards to touch ups.

We have an expectation that The Sunset Inn and Suites continually maintain the high standards that everyone expects from us and the establishment, and that it keeps the hotel atmosphere as comfortable and unique as it always has been.
So how do we do this? The staff are all involved in the process of what we feel will always improve this hotel and help it evolve in time. Of course this is just the tip of the iceberg, the work cannot be achieved without our dedicated team of specialists that are available to us as and when we need help.

The Fall and Winter Season is where the fun begins for us, as the hotel occupancy drops quite considerably this is the best time for us to do the hard work, and we all do chip in, which means the staff know this hotel inside and out.

These are the changes that we have made…

A few years ago the hotel went through some major renovations inside and out, many of the rooms have been fitted with a more modern and user friendly hard wood floors – the response from regular guests have been fantastic, so for all of you who are new to us, we are sure you will agree that the hotel looks pretty awesome!

In the last year we swapped the hotel TV’s with the more modern Flat-screen Plasma Screen TVs, with all the executive rooms fitted with High Definition programming.This coming fall, the whole hotel will be uniformly fitted with these Plasma TV’s.

Also last year, all the older furniture was replaced with brand new Dressers, Dining Tables, Coffee tables and Chairs. Last month, we replaced more of the comfortable cushion chairs that more resemble our style and colour scheme, with that extra comfort for your pleasure.

This coming fall, the next major project is to update all the new beds and mattresses. Although they are still in excellent shape, we believe that these can be donated to a charitable cause and we can get in brand new bedding, we really want to be sure that you have the maximum amount of comfort as we do not believe in waiting for the wear and tear to kick in before its too late, not cool.

Finally we will like to add that this hotel is very environmentally friendly, we have an excellent recycling scheme that we hope all the guests will be mindful of, we have also replaced all out environmentally friendly Fluorescent bulbs with LED light bulbs, these are the best of the best!!!

So there you have it, and we can assure you that this truly is a never ending project in the evolution of this pretty awesome hotel, it is why you call it a home away from home, we hope you enjoy the stay here!!!