Some Ideas and Tips for Staying in Vancouver, Like a Local

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live like a “local” while staying with us in Vancouver?  We thought that we’d share some ideas and tips during your stay with us.  Make sure you book with us directly to get the best rates.

So we’re wondering when you’d like to stay with us?  We strive to be the best in what we do and want to be your “home away from home”.  Usually the best time of the year to come to our city is August and September, this is a great time to visit because yes, the temperatures during the day can be quite high but rest assured those summer evenings, everything cools down dramatically and it’s that time of the year where kids are slowly getting ready to go back to school and everything is happening that makes the city vibrant and alive with activity!

We live in a quiet residential area of Vancouver known as the West End.  This quiet neighbourhood is known for its restaurants to the north and west and all of us “locals” would like to make your stay a memorable one.  Stanley Park to the southwest and the infamous Granville Island to the southeast.  Should you need groceries while you’re here, we are surrounded by many different options such as Independent Grocer and not to mention we also have a Whole Foods within walking distance of the hotel.

Dining out in Vancouver from Greek to Italian to Asian to North American – There will always be something that tickles and tantalizes your taste buds.  Prices usually range between $10-50CDN depending on where you go.  Did you know that Vancouver has a “Dine Out” event every year? It usually happens in January.  This upcoming year the event will be happening from January 18 until February 3, 2019.  This signature event is all about community, collaboration and especially sharing Vancouver’s culinary story with the world.  Stay tuned for a blog about this sometime next year!

Nightlife in Vancouver.  A lot of us head over to Granville Street (also known as the “Entertainment District” or “The Strip” of our vibrant city).  There are many venues along the strip known as Granville from the Orpheum to the Vogue and the Roxy Nightclub.  In the 1950s this street was also known as the second largest neon sign street capital in the world (second only to Shanghai, China).  Before and during the 2010 Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver, Granville Street was home to many locals, tourists and visitors alike as this was the street to be on during all the events as well as it seemed like it was a twenty-four a day street party during the entire time of the Olympics.

Shopping in Vancouver can take you to a variety of places.  Robson and Alberni Streets are the main picks for those of you that have a need to “shop till you drop”.  You can always find a variety of stores up and down the street.  Gap, Banana Republic, Aritzia, Roots and even some souvenir shops.  They’re all here.  If you have the desire to for something indoors, there’s always Pacific Centre.  This mall is in the heart of the Financial District and downtown and has over 100 stores for you to choose from.  Holt Renfrew, Nordstrom, Microsoft, Apple and Harry Rosen just to name a few.

A bike and walk-friendly city.  Whether you’re an avid cyclist or a power walker, Vancouver has more than its fair share of places where you can bike, walk and run.  The obvious choice for all of us is most often Stanley Park and the Sea Wall.  Vancouver’s Sea Wall expands over 28 kilometres (17 miles) from one side of the city to the other and is tailored for the outdoor enthusiast.

Did we mention that we have beaches too?  A lot of Vancouverites enjoy basking in the sun especially during the dog days of summer.  August and September are usually the best times to soak in Vitamin D especially since the temperatures aren’t as hot.  From Spanish Banks to Jericho Beach to Second and Third Beaches in Stanley Park and even English Bay Beach at the city’s southeast edge.

Ready for some fun? Should you need some more ideas and tips on how to live “like a local” in Vancouver, drop us a line.  We would love to hear from you and we hope to see you soon!