Happy Festive Season!!!!

The Festive Season is here and you can feel and see the excitement in the hotel and in the city….

Many people have been enjoying the festivities here in Vancouver, from the Festival of lights in Stanley Park to the Christmas Market near the Queen Elizabeth Theatre, which brings a little taste of a German market to Vancouver.

Christmas time is always a big event for many of us around the world, whether its for religious traditions or simply a time to be wrapped up in a festive atmosphere of your choosing, for most of us, it can be an extra special time to spend time with families and Children who all get excited with the prospect of Santa’s arrival and what gifts Santa may bring.

At the hotel, we have decided to indulge our guests with the Xmas cheer, everyday up until Xmas day from 3pm till 6pm, we will have Marshmallows, Hot Chocolate and Cinnamon Sticks for the guests to enjoy and to bring them into the festive spirit. We have a beautiful decorated tree by the fireplace at reception, next to the tree we have an opportunity for guests young and old to write out a wish list for Santa, and a chance to further decorate the tree.

We will also like to acknowledge all the many other festivities that are celebrated at this time of year, many of which are traditions that have been created through ancient mythology, with a strong focus that pays attention to the Winter Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere, the Sun being worshiped and celebrated along its celestial path where it now begins its journey from the lowest point in the sky, slowly climbing back up to greet us with longer days.

So whether you follow the Christian, Pagan or Secular traditions, or you simply use this time to enjoy the festive bandwagon, we all hope that this time of year is a great time for reflection, community and a moment to share with close loved ones, friends and family….at The Sunset Inn, we like to feel that we are an extended part of your family and look forward to playing a part of your festive season.

So Merry Xmas to everyone. Happy Yuletide, Happy Hannukkah, or just Happy Fesitivities…..and a very very Belated and Happy New Year from all of us at the Sunset Inn.

Stay Safe, stay happy and take care….see you in 2012 with more regular blogs and updates from within the Sunset Inn x