Friday Nights: Light Up The City

Need something to do on those Friday nights in and around Vancouver?  Some have defined Vancouver as “dull,” “boring,” and even perhaps “lonely”.  First of all, why not stay with us and let us help you have not only a great Friday night but an entire weekend in the city.  We have an exciting new Fall promotion happening between now and the end of November and would absolutely love for you to be here.  Check out our website and look under “Specials” for the “CYBER INTERNET PROMOTION” rate.  It is only available online and you will be able to save up to 25% off of our best available rates.  You won’t want to miss this offer!

Most Friday nights in the Fall are quite long so maybe while you’re staying with us, you can also check out our extensive DVD collection as we have over 300 titles to choose from.  Alternatively, there is Granville Street which is just a stones’ throw away from our hotel that is full of life each and every night.  It is the Entertainment District after all.  Do you feel like a movie on a Friday night?  Why not check out the Scotiabank Theatre on Burrard Street?  All of Hollywood’s latest featured attractions are always playing at all times on those Friday nights.

Perhaps you’re thinking of a night out with your special someone and both of you are celebrating a momentous and special occasion, like an anniversary or a birthday or even perhaps a “first date”.  Did you get a chance to take a look at our series on “great restaurants in downtown Vancouver?  Friday nights are sure to be a fun and exciting and it simply doesn’t have to be boring or even dull.  Maybe while you’re downtown, head to one of those great restaurants.

So are you ready to make one of these Friday nights a fun and good time?  Come and stay with us, we really would love to have you!