FAMILY DAY – BC HOLIDAY FEBRUARY 12th & FEBRUARY 19th Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba & Ontario

BC Family Day Bank Holiday – February 12th

February 12th is an opportunity each year for the family to enjoy an extended weekend together and here are some great activities and events for the whole family to enjoy.


Fly over Canada is located close to where the Cruise ships dock in Canada place during the Spring and Summer months, this location offers great views of North Vancouver and the North Shore mountains overlooking the Burrrad inlet.

Flyover Canada has become a major attraction since it opened back in 2013 and showcased its fly over movie that was filmed over Iceland.  Since then it has screened some amazing tours over various parts of Canada – the movie literally makes you feel that you are there taking part in soaring over some incredible areas of Canada that you otherwise may never witness in person.

You will be lifted 20 foot in the air and will experience the sensation of flying across Canada from Coast to coast with the wind in your hair, the smells of the environment and swoop and swerve through the landscape!  You will not forget this trip in a hurry!



Science seems to be all the rage these days and Family day has to be the perfect opportunity for all the nerdy people out there young and old to get over to Science world and have some fun with cool experiments. Here you will learn some amazing facts about the Earth, Physics and everything else about the natural and biological world that we have discovered all in the name of Science!



If you are a lover of the night skies and astronomy this is the place for you, and it happens to be a big busy year when it comes to the cosmic skies – with the red Planet Mars being the king player of 2018…

The H.R Macmillan Space centre has a wonderful dazzling Planetarium for everyone to sit back and enjoy, you will be able to look at a huge sky of stars above you and will be guided through to see where the most famous planets, comets and nebulae can be found.  There are small lectures and films to enjoy and also information on some major celestial events.   As mentioned before – the biggest event this year is likely the closest approach of the Planet Mars in 2018 – it will be its brightest, biggest and best come July, each month from now on the wondering Planet will be speeding every bit closer to Earth and will be visibly bigger each week as their orbits around the Sun bring the two worlds into a quick cosmic dance where they pass close to each other before speeding away until the next dance in 2020 – which will be the most spectacular of all – we are sure that if you have many questions regarding this close approach we sure these astronomical wizards will have plenty to tell you!



Here we have a 2 for one special – Granville Island is a great place to visit for the all the family, it has a very large public market which has a huge amount of worldwide cuisine and funky craft shops, there are plenty of places to eat here where you can sit down and enjoy a nice meal in your own time or get something quick while you check out the island.

For the kids there is a specific Kids market to enjoy – the kids market was created in 1984 and at over 15000 sq feet it is home for plenty of entertainment for kids to enjoy.  There are plenty of interactive areas that creates an awe inspiring atmosphere, which includes playtime, climbing frames, dress up, cool clothes and lots of games to fill your kids with fun and wonder.



Who doesn’t like the incredible world of the oceans and the deep seas, such an alluring and mysterious world that is literally lurking beneath our feet and yet we know very very little about what the undersea world holds.

The local Vancouver Aquarium is a great place to learn about the local ecology and sealife of the pacific north west and you will learn about other creatures from the deep oceans from all over the world.

There will also be a childrens sleepover at the aquarium over the family day weekend….checkout their website for further information and events.