Fall in love with the autumn colours of Vancouver

Let’s be fair it is always sad for many of us to see Summer fade away once we move from August to September and we start to transition to longer nights and colder days, but there is always something special about the changing of the seasons and Fall is undoubtedly one of the most prettiest and breathtaking of all!

Vancouver is located in such an area where we are known for our precipitation and almost guaranteed dry long sunny days of the summer, and due to our geography and climate we are home to an incredible array of flora and fauna – much of which is unique to just this part of the world.

Anyone who loves the changing colours of the leaves many will likely think of the eastern swathe of the Americas from the US up into Canada to experience the amazing spectacle that nature offers us, well here in Vancouver it is a mighty impressive display too


Where to see the most spectacular Fall colours in Vancouver?
Vancouver is surrounded by soaring mountains, oceans and inlets and of course lots and lots of trees – we are lucky to have a huge natural park that lives side by side with the dense urban city core of downtown Vancouver and Stanley Park really is a special place for all Vancouverites and visitors to enjoy. http://stanleyparkecology.ca/

Stanley Park – Voted best park in the world to visit in 2014

Stanley Park is home to around half a million trees and some of the tallest, we are located close by to some of the largest trees found anywhere in the world which the Pacific coastal region is widely known for its towering Redwoods, Douglas Firs and Western Red Cedars to name but a few.

This natural habitat that dominates the downtown core has been a designated park since 1886 and is a thriving ecological destination for various wildlife that are synonymous to BC western Canada. The park is a real time snapshot of what the whole area once looked like before Vancouver developed into the metropolis that we see today, the dense forest looks very much the same as it was when it was created as a protected park with many of the trees standing there for hundreds of years and some reaching heights as tall as 76 metres (249 ft).

To find the very best trees offering spectacular falls colours within Vancouver and the local area click here to see where you can witness the very best fall colours. http://www.tourismvancouver.com/activities/fall-colours/

And for further information on the Trees of Stanley Park click here: http://www.stanleyparkvan.com/stanley-park-van-trees.html

If you are out and about the city please feel free to submit any pictures you may want to share and we will do the same too…