Get In Ma’ Belleh’ – Dine Out Vancouver 2019 *UPDATED*

It’s coming and Dine Out Vancouver 2019 will be here before we know it.  Two weeks to go and counting…

Dine Out Vancouver is a major culinary event that takes place across the city from January 18 until February 3. Many participating restaurants will offer special three-course dinner menus to allow visitors to sample the best of local cuisine without breaking the bank.

Are you ready for a full schedule of delicious events that provide you with unique culinary experiences to please your palate. Everything from guided dining adventures and neighbourhood food tours, to spirited cocktail master classes and global guest-chef collaboration dinners.

This festival brings together hundreds of chefs, more than 200 restaurants, wineries, craft breweries, suppliers and more for 17 days of dining, food-forward events and experiences designed to give local and visiting culinary enthusiasts the opportunity to taste the best flavours of the city. Dine Out Vancouver Festival also includes special hotel and flight offers catered to culinary enthusiasts from across Canada and around the world.

Various hotels, restaurants and even food trucks participate in this very exciting event that is truly a foodie’s delight.  So many different and exciting food selections available to all that come and partake in getting a full belly of goodness.  One of the unique events surrounding Dine Out is the “Vancouver World Chef Exchange”.  Each year, five chefs from around the world step into their Vancouver partner chefs’ kitchen to cook up a storm during their Dine Out Vancouver Festival collaboration.  These one-off experiences provide guests with a series of powerhouse pairings, fusing global flavours and regional ingredients.

Speaking of those aforementioned powerhouse pairings, the fusing of global flavours and regional ingredients.  If you look at the photo above, doesn’t that tantalize your taste buds, even just a lil’ bit?

Stay tuned that a little later in January, we will update you with what restaurants in our neighbourhood of the West End and Davie Village that will be participating in this year’s Dine Out Vancouver extravaganza!  If this year’s events are anything like last year’s and years past, you will not want to miss out on all of the authentic and perhaps even new cuisines worth trying.

UPDATE!!!  Here are the restaurants in our neighbourhood participating in the DineOut Vancouver spectacular!  Get ready to have your bellehs to thank you ’cause we sure know that ours will. 

  • Banana Leaf Malaysian Cuisine on Davie (1043 Davie Street)
  • Banana Leaf Malaysian Cuisine on Denman (1096 Denman Street)
  • The Bayside Lounge (at the Best Western Sands on Davie – 1755 Davie Street)
  • Beach Bay Cafe and Patio (1193 Denman Street)
  • Cactus Club at English Bay (1790 Beach Avenue)
  • Cazba Restaurant (1103 Davie Street)
  • Centro Ristorante (1037 Denman Street)
  • Davie Dosa Company (1235 Davie Street)
  • Espana (1118 Denman Street)
  • Forage (1300 Robson Street)
  • Holy Crab (1588 Robson Street)
  • Hook Seabar (1210 Denman Street)
  • Mary’s (1202 Davie Street)
  • The Park at English Bay (also at the Best Western Sands on Davie – 1755 Davie Street)
  • The Teahouse in Stanley Park (Third Beach at Ferguson Point)
  • The Three Brits Public House (1780 Davie Street)

For a list of other restaurants that aren’t featured in the West End, Davie Village and surrounding areas, check out the following link: 

So, who’s ready to Dine Out?  We are!