Cypress Mountain & Grouse Mountain open today!

Cypress Mountain & Grouse Mountain open today!

This is an extremely early start to the Ski and Snowboarding Season, in fact in the last few years it seems that Vancouver has become accustomed to having a sharp shot of cold weather during the first couple of weeks of November, and this year has been no exception.

October and fall came in like a train with a very wet and windy week mid month, since then we have had some rains but the colder weather kept on creeping in day by day, so much so that we did experience some flurries of Snow in the downtown core, while other areas had quite a large amount of Snow considering the time of year.

As it stands we are a few weeks ahead of schedule and it is looking good for the weather to hold onto the cooler pattern with rains periodically passing through – this means the snow will just keep topping up those slopes and the Snow making machines will be working really hard to maintain some good depth of the powder.

At Cypress mountain the slopes were hit with a crazy 30cm of Snow and since then in the last week alone they have managed to create so much Snow that it would cover over 28 Football fields with around a foot of the white stuff per field, this is all thanks to their new expanded snow maker machines making sure they do it right, and it sounds like it is paying dividends.

For more information on how they create the Snow

Grouse Mountain also opens today, this ski hill is generally more well known and popular as the slopes are more suitably family friendly while Cypress has more challenging slopes for the more experienced Skier.

Grouse is located just 15 minutes from the downtown core and offers some incredible views of the city and Vancouver Island in the distance,  if you are a bit more daring you should check out The eye of the Wind windturbine which is a world first, what makes this trubine so special is that it is the first of its kind that has 360 glass viewing deck for the public to enjoy, from this vantage point when you look north you can see the Cascade Mountain range stretch far beyond the horizon and shows another world hidden behind the mountain wall that we see from Vancouver. Looking Southwest you will see the spectacular Mount Baker and Mount Rainier which are located South of the border in the USA and are actually a pair of active stratovolcanoes.

For more cool information on Grouse Mountain and ski related tools and tips check out

Whistler Blackcomb will be opening later in November, keep checking our blogs for further information regarding whistler and we will help you out on the best ways to get to Whistler.

Have fun on those hills, it may be raining downtown but up on the slopes it will be Winter wonderland! So get out there and enjoy.

Information on Mount Rainier:

Information on Mount Baker:



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