Come on down to the Night market and other attractions at Vancouver Chinatown.

The Chinese have a long history with Canada and Vancouver especially around 1880 and 1920 where thousands of Chinese immigrants made their way to Canada, they were to settle in this area of the city, where it was commonly known as either Shanghai Alley or Cantonese Alley, much of the area was built around a 500 seat Theatre that was built by the Chinese in 1898, and from there the town grew and Flourished.

The town went into decline and disrepair during the 1980s, partly due to the Cantonese population moving elsewhere within the Vancouver metropolis, however, since 1986 and the Expo event the town became revitalised. Nowadays, the Town is undergoing some major changes, upgrading and economical boost, in part due to wealthier peoples from Asia and specifically Hong Kong, setting up business and real estate. This has created a boom in more modern upscale restaurants and homes within the neighbourhood.

What attractions you should see in Chinatown?
Dr Sun Yat Sen Classical Chinese Gardens
Chinese Cultural Centre Museam and Archives
China Gate
Chinese Night Market
The Chinese Night Market officially opens on May 17th. This has to be one of the highlights of the summer season in Vancouver, and definitely a must go see attraction. There are plenty of vibrant and colourful stalls with excellent food , and plenty of items such as clothing, crockery and jeweler for sale, all at a fantastic price too!!!

Chinatown can be easily reached via bus, foot or Cab, the Number 6 bus will take you very close to the area, or a Cab ride itself will cost around $15, if you are feeling energetic – walking there will take around 45 minutes from The Sunset Inn.

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