Breakfast – Most Important Meal of the Day

Yup… You guessed it.  Breakfast is the most important meal of the day!

While staying with us at the Sunset Inn, we offer a complimentary “light” continental breakfast to get you going before the daily grind begins.  We would be absolutely delighted to have you stay with us and have you heard about our “CYBER” special happening from now until the end of November?  Book this rate and you will save up to 25% off of our best available rates.  Are you a BC or Alberta Resident?  Why not take advantage of our “Locals” discount?

Did we mention that breakfast is the most important of the day?  Just thinking of that is making us hungry.  Our breakfast here at the hotel is very simple.  It’s just enough to get you going for the day.  Need that morning coffee?  Asides from having it available in your room, every morning between 7am and 10am, we have a freshly brewed pot waiting for you.  So would you like cream, milk or sugar with that?  Our breakfast feature also includes many other simple items such as: mini danishes (with a variety of flavours), bagels, a choice of breads (including gluten free options), cereals (Chex, All-Bran and Honey Nut Cheerios), croissants and even waffles with your choice of topping (who doesn’t like blueberries and strawberries)!

Who’s hungry?

There are also a lot of great restaurants in our neighbourhood as well, should you be hungry for something more.  You could always try our local favourite of Joe’s Grill in the heart of Davie Village.  There are also a lot of little cafes in and around our neighbourhood worth trying.  A few of our other favourites include: The Twisted Fork Bistro (located at 1147 Granville Street), La Brasserie (at 1091 Davie Street) and The Templeton (located at 1087 Granville Street).  All of these options are within walking distance of our hotel

We hope that this gives you incentive to come and stay with us.  As always we would love to have you and we do desire to be your “home away from home” while staying in Vancouver.  We hope to see you soon!