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Best Art Galleries in Vancouver

Did you know that Vancouver is the sixth most livable place in the world? It isn’t hard to see why, either. The city boasts a lively scene for both residents and tourists alike.

If you want to visit the city of Vancouver, you should have your itinerary ready to ensure you make it to some of the hottest spots the area has to offer.

That is especially true if you are a lover of art and history. Are you looking for a cultural day out? We have got you covered with our guide to the best art galleries in Vancouver.

Access Artist Run Centre

In terms of contemporary art galleries, Access Artist Run Centre is one of the best non-profit organizations you can visit in Vancouver. Access doesn’t just seek to promote local artists, either.

The museum accepts works from people all over Canada. That gives equal opportunity for some of the most talented Canadian artistic minds.

And that bodes well for you because you get to enjoy a day of viewing works from a range of artists. If you want to know what to do in Vancouver and like to indulge in newer, creative minds, then Access is the place to visit. 

Centre A

Here, we have the Vancouver International Centre for Contemporary Asian Art, better known as Centre A. This gallery strives to put Asian artists at the forefront and promote Asian visual creativity to the public.

Centre A wants you to walk through the gallery and spark critical conversations that will get your mind running through each exhibit you view. And it isn’t out of the ordinary for an Asian art museum to exist.

After all, as Centre A explains, those from Asia would migrate to Canada. That means that Asian culture bled into the art scene, creating some of the most stunning, diverse works you have ever seen. 

If you are in Vancouver, you must visit the Catriona Jeffries Gallery. Why? Because this art museum is a prolific, international wonder. People from all over the world know about it.

And artists strive to have their works displayed at the gallery. That is because Catriona Jeffries boasts some of the most popular artists in modern-day society. If you aren’t one to look at local art, this museum is up to your alley.

The Catriona Jeffries displays art from big names like Rochelle Goldberg, Christina Mackie, and Rebecca Brewer. That is naming just a few.

What’s more, is the Catriona Gallery has exhibited to fit everyone’s tastes, from modern-day art to chiseled sculptures. Due to the gallery’s involvement in art history and countless artists, it has become one of the world’s top museum destinations. 

Sometimes, you want to step away from the stereotypical art events in Vancouver and view photographic art. That is where the Monte Clark Gallery steps into the fold.

This museum displays photographs and conceptual photography that will have you talking. That is not to say that they don’t have other artworks.

The Monte Clark also has viewing rooms dedicated to paintings and other works of art. The architect who created the rooms meant for them to be interactive. So, as you walk through the gallery, you also get a feel for how a museum utilizes its space. 

If you want a massive exhibition of art, schedule some time to visit the Contemporary Art Gallery in Vancouver. This museum is a free art gallery that relies on donations from willing guests to keep it thriving.

They often have about 20 installations and projects per year. When planning your trip to Vancouver, be sure to take a look at their website.

You might want to browse their current exhibitions. Beyond that, double-check what is upcoming.

You might find a few displays that you want to see. From there, you can plan your trip to ensure you get the most out of your cultural experience. 

Some people want to step away from the big names in art and give the little guy a view or two. Equinox Art Gallery serves to promote local Vancouver artists.

If you visit, you can stop in and spend a little time viewing artworks from upcoming creative minds. That helps to keep art alive and thriving and gives someone new a chance to build their careers

UNIT/PITT Projects

For those who enjoy a stimulating conversation, the UNIT/PITT Projects museum is there to help. This gallery was formerly known as the Helen Pitt Gallery but changed its name not too long ago.

The UNIT/PITT gallery serves to spark political and controversial conversations via visual art. While you peruse their vast selection of curated works, the museum encourages you to discuss controversial topics.

Think about things like social consciousness and critical awareness as you view their installations. After all, art should get the mind churning and thinking critically about what the visual works make you feel.  

Finally, if you want one of the best family activities in Vancouver, visit the Vancouver Art Gallery. This museum has about 10,000 artworks, so be sure you schedule enough time to peruse each exhibition.

Remember, you don’t want to rush through a museum. You want to assess and understand it as clearly as possible.

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Visiting Art Galleries in Vancouver? Stay at the Sunset Inn  

As you can tell, there is no shortage of art galleries in Vancouver. If you want to add a little culture into your life or vacation, be sure to visit a few of these suggested museums.

No matter what your taste, we hope our article helps you find the gallery of your dreams. And if you are staying in Vancouver, the Sunset Inn has you covered for lodging.

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