A story of Hope – Jenna’s story with Hope Air

We are proud to write this particular Blog on some very good friends of ours at the Sunset Inn hotel. For many years now staff members of Hope Air have been staying with us at the hotel as and when a stop over is required in Vancouver.

Hope Air was founded in 1986 and was then originally known as Mission Air Transportation Network Hope Air’s purpose is to arrange free flights for Canadians of all ages who are in need of medical help, financial support and much needed assistance to help them travel to their appointments for their medical needs. The charity arranges free flights for low income Canadians who have to travel long distances to receive health care that is not available in their home community, without the help and support that this charitable organization offers it is unlikely these Canadians will ever get the help they need – so we understand here the enormity of the task in hand.

Flights are arranged in various ways, some flights are flown voluntarily, while seats can be donated by the charity and this includes the charity covering a vast amount of the costs such as taxes and fees – in some cases the seats are purchased completely.

THIS IS JENNA’S STORY – courtesy of Doug Keller-Hobson Executive Director of Hope Air
With the generous support of our national flights partner Sun Life Financial, Hope Air is proud to present this video entitled: Jenna\'s Story – LIFE is brighter with HOPE

An 8 year old girl living in Northern British Columbia who needs vita diabetes care in Vancouver– and how the distance to that care was shortened by Hope Air.
But then Jenna and her family were suprised to have an adventure that they never imagined!
Together with Hope Air, Sun Life gives one little girl and her family the chance to forget what it’s like to live diabetes, if only for one day.
Enjoy this story of HOPE as we approach the Holiday Season.

Website: http://hopeair.ca/