15 Great Restaurants in Downtown Vancouver – Part 2

15 Great Restaurants in Downtown Vancouver – Part 2

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In our ongoing series of great restaurants in Vancouver, here is our second installment: 6-10

Vancouver’s great restaurants are just a small part of what our city has to offer locals and tourists alike.  We have an eclectic array of people that come from all over the world

6) Miku Restaurant

Close to Canada Place and the cruise ship terminal, Miku is the sister restaurant to Minami (which is also worth trying) in Yaletown. Just like its smaller sibling, Miku specializes in Japanese ​aburi-style sushi, which involves searing the top of the packed sushi, creating a delicious and “out of this world” smoky taste. Try the salmon or prawn (​ebi) aburi sushi, a best-seller, and enjoy the crab-filled Red Wave Rolls and crispy calamari for a taste of West Coast seafood in an upscale sushi environment.

7) Japadog

Vancouver’s food truck turned international sensation Japadog combines the classic North American stadium staple, the humble hot dog, with Japanese flavors such as the Terimayo option with teriyaki sauce, mayo and seaweed. Other eccentric and wonderful options include yakisoba (yes we do mean, noodles in a hot dog), kobe beef, or fried ebi (prawn) hot dogs. Take your pick and eat in or visit the original food truck on nearby Burrard Street.

8) Nightingale

Smoked prosciutto, gorgonzola, walnut, arugula and a five-year balsamic.  Head Chef David Hawksworth, the owner of Hotel Georgia’s fine dining Hawksworth Restaurant, opened Nightingale as a casual upscale dining experience that focuses on veggie-forward dishes, share plates, and pizzas (which he spent a year perfecting all of these delicious dishes before opening). Head here for creative cocktails, local brews, and delicious dishes, all housed in a beautiful heritage building.

9) Gyoza Bar

Popular with the downtown crowd during their lunch break and an ideal place to head for casual Japanese-style gyoza dumplings and ramen at any time of day (including weekends for brunch). Gyoza Bar dishes up Japanese comfort food in a casual environment with gyoza dumplings served in classic imono cast iron pans. Lunches are designed to be quick, easy and tasty while the dinner menu is more for diners who want to share food and fill up for the evening.

10) Joyeaux Cafe & Restaurant

High ceilings and a high rating from local chefs give Joyeaux Cafe & Restaurant a Parisian feel. Avoid the lunchtime rush when “in-the-know” office workers come here to take out steaming bowls of pho. Instead, head here mid-morning or late afternoon to try some of the best budget Vietnamese food in the city. This is a great place to fuel up before exploring nearby Canada Place and the Coal Harbour Sea Wall which will eventually lead into the Stanley Park Sea Wall.

Are you at all hungry yet?  Is your stomach growling?  What are you craving?  Stay tuned for Part 3 where more “temptations” await you and your taste buds.