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Why Book Direct

There are a number of benefits when you choose to book your hotel room directly through our website. While we want every single guest to have an amazing experience, we want to reward those that choose to book directly through this website.

Best Rate Guarantee

We seek to make sure that you always get the best deal here on our website. If you happen to find a better rate on the internet, we will match that rate and give you all of the other benefits that come with booking your room on our website.

There will never be an instance where you can book a room on another website and get a better rate or experience than you can directly through our website. If you have any questions about rates, please feel free to reach out to us directly.

Automatic Room Upgrades

If you book a room through our website but a higher level of room is available upon check-in, our team will look to automatically upgrade you. Add this to our Best Rate Guarantee and you might end up paying significantly less for a higher-value suite.

As a reminder, every single room in our hotel is a suite. Feel free to look through our hotel suite types at your discretion.

*Upgrades based on availability and cannot be guaranteed*

Immediate 5% Cash Back

Through our partnership with Guestbook, we allow our direct booking guests to automatically receive 5% in cashback on their booking. You can redeem this benefit in a number of ways.

If you want to explore our loyalty rewards program, please go to our hotel loyalty page.

Up to 15% in Cash Back Rewards

Do you travel a lot? Our direct booking guests can elect to get 15% in cashback towards a future reservation at our hotel or another in the Guestbook network of independent and boutique hotels.

If you want to explore our loyalty rewards program, please go to our hotel loyalty page.

Automatic Charity Donation

As part of our loyalty program, guests can also elect to donate rewards to a charity of their choosing. We believe in doing good in the world and we know that our guests do too. That’s why we have integrated this into our loyalty program.